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CONCERT REVIEW: Yungblud Brings The Heat To Sold Out Amsterdam Show

After a long wait, the moment finally arrived this weekend: Yungblud was back in town, with the incredible duo Nova Twins as the support act for the evening. In a sold-out AFAS LIVE, 6000 fans were highly anticipating tonight’s proceedings, with a portion of the fans already queueing in front of the venue very early in the morning.

The british duo Nova Twins, with their brand new album SUPERNOVA on the schedule to release on the 17th of June already gave us a taste of what’s to come in the form of the singles Antagonist, Cleopatra & K.M.B. Amy Love and Georgia South must have been familiar to many fans in the room, as the room was ecstatic as could be. The duo got the crowd going exceptionally well with both the new singles, as well as the older ones like the popular Taxi. Besides being a band on the rise, South and Love also design all of their own stage clothes, which you can admire in the gallery below!

After half an hour, it was time for Yungblud. The lights went out, but Yungblud didn’t arrive for a few minutes after that, while the AFAS LIVE listened to a speech blasting through the speakers. After a couple of minutes, the curtain dropped and Yungblud and his bandmates appeared on stage, kicking things off with strawberry lipstick, from Yungblud’s second and most recent album weird!, which set the tone for the entire evening.

strawberry lipstick was quickly followed by fan favourite parents and superdeadfriends, as well as recent single The Funeral. Yungblud describes his music as a complete explosion of uncensored expression, and the same can be said for Yungblud’s fans. The audience was as diverse as can be, with many pride flags and numerous adaptations being worn and waved by the fans.

One single after the other echoed through the room, while Yungblud jumped and danced around the stage with an amount of energy previously thought of as unreachable for humans. During the majority of the songs, pyro was used quite generously, giving the choruses some extra strength. To make sure the fans in the front rows stayed hydrated through the heat, a lot of water was provided.

In-between songs, Yungblud would often speak to the audience about being yourself, uncensored expression and much more, which to me personally took a bit too big of a portion from the show, but hey, to each their own! The setlist was a nice mix of songs from the discography, as well as a cover of MGK‘s I Think I’m OKAY, which on the studio version also features Yungblud.

Overall, Yungblud‘s show was exceptional. The energy was unmatched from both the band and the audience, which extends to Nova Twins as well. The engagement with the audience made for very entertaining banter and we cannot wait for Yungblud to return, perhaps on the album cycle surrounding his third album, which is coming later this year. Eva van den Bosch captured both sets through her lens. You can see what the show looked like via the galleries below.