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Yungblud Releases New Song As Act Of Defiance Against Sadness

Yungblud has released his new song Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today. The song is an act of defiance against sadness. It has a catchy and uplifting beat, which would help if you’re feeling down or if you’re already feeling great.
The song was first officially teased on Yungblud’s Twitter on June 18th. He announced that he would be shooting a music video on Monday the 20th and that he wanted to do that with fans. In the message, he encouraged fans to “come and bring signs, dress how you fuckin want”. He also told fans to bring water guns.
On June 20th, he tweeted an image with an x captioned “meet me here” and a few hours later he tweeted a video of him dancing on stage to the song. There were also a lot of fans to be seen with signs and water everywhere. With that tweet, he announced that the song would be called Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today and that it would be released on the 29th of June.
The music video starts off with a black screen with the text “this is what happiness feels like… to me” further emphasizing the happiness part from the first tweet. The rest of the music video shows him dancing on stage with shots from all angles. Exactly the high-paced energy you’d expect from Yungblud. The fans that were there that day are also heavily featured, it’s hard to see how many fans there were but it was clearly a few hundred.
Overall, the song gives off a great vibe and it sounds amazing. The only downside to the song is that it’s not even two minutes long so there’s not a long time to enjoy. Luckily, the replayability is pretty high so having it on repeat for a while will not bore you! My advice: go out, grab some friends, dance to this song together in a park and have a fun time! And maybe even take water guns with you if it’s hot out.
Check out the track and music video below and let us know what you think of it!

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Aspen van der Wijst