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YUNGBLUD @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: YUNGBLUD Rocks Amsterdam With Special Halloween Show

YUNGBLUD is back! After playing a huge and amazing show in the Netherlands in May, he gave a smaller show in Paradiso. YUNGBLUD is doing the ‘Intimate As Fuck’ tour where almost all shows are extremely small. This show was bigger than other shows on this tour because of Halloween.

The dress code was ‘funeral’, making a nice reference to the name of the show: ‘YUNGBLUD’s funeral’. Everyone got really creative with their costumes. Some people went as zombie brides, others came in merch, someone came in a self-made coffin made of some fabric and others came in extremely formal clothing. YUNGBLUD himself also joined the party in a costume. He came on stage as Sweeney Todd in his black and white striped swimsuit. His band all had KISS-like makeup on too, all white faces with all different things in black.

We had to wait around 1,5 hours after getting inside the venue. It took about 40 minutes before everyone was inside after the doors opened, this was because there were so many people that had to enter the venue. It got hotter with every 100 people that got in, even getting to the point where everyone was starting to sweat before the concert even started.

The YUNGBLUD fans are one of the most enthusiastic crowds that I’ve seen. This was especially noticeable when he came on stage. Everyone started cheering so loud that your ears almost started to hurt. They kept that loud cheering up all concert too. YUNGBLUD started off with the most logical song The Funeral. The chorus was repeated at the end with the task to mosh on that part. Sadly, too many people wanted to mosh and it ended up being a push to the front.

Halfway through the setlist, he made everyone do a dance to Time Warp, a song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Everyone was confused at first but gladly joined him after a few tries. During the last song of the setlist, Loner, he split the crowd into 2 parts, a left and right side. The left side had to sing one part of the bridge and the right side had to sing the other part. He made it a concert, so everyone got louder with every go.

I’d highly advise everyone to go to a YUNGBLUD concert. It’s really interactive and it is a great vibe. The only downside to this show was that it was quite short. Usually, it’s longer in bigger venues. Check out the setlist and pictures Christine Mooijer took below and let us know what you thought of it!

  1. The Funeral
  2. Parents
  3. Tissues
  4. Cruel Kids
  5. Mad
  6. Sex Not Violence
  7. Time Warp
  8. Sweet Heroine
  9. fleabag
  10. Don’t Go
  11. The Boy in the Black Dress
  12. Loner
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Aspen van der Wijst