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Bad Omens Release Two New Tracks From Upcoming Deluxe Album

Bad Omens have shared two new songs from their upcoming album called Concrete Jungle [The OST]. The new songs are called The Drain and a new version of The Death Of Peace Of Mind.

The Drain features the band HEALTH and Swarm, and there’s a cool video you can watch to go along with it.

There’s also a new version of The Death Of Peace Of Mind that was made by So Wylie, a composer from New York. You can check it out below:

More About the Album

The album ‘Concrete Jungle [The OST]’ is coming out on May 31st. It has a bunch of different songs, including some new ones and some live performances. The album is part of a bigger story that connects to a comic series called ‘Concrete Jungle’.

The album is set up in three parts, and it’s made to give fans a lot of different types of songs to listen to. Besides the songs released today, there’s a song called ‘V.A.N’ made with Poppy, which was even performed live during their tour.

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