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Bad Omens Announce Exciting New Album: ‘Concrete Jungle [The OST]’

Bad Omens are set to release a deluxe album titled Concrete Jungle [The OST], featuring a diverse mix of reimagined tracks from their acclaimed 2022 album The Death Of Peace Of Mind, live performances and new collaborations. This album extends the narrative into their Concrete Jungle comic universe, promising a multi-layered experience.

It will be released on May 31st.

The album is structured in three distinct sections, offering fans a varied listening journey. The band has announced that they will be releasing two new tracks from the album today, April 17th, at 2pm PDT / 10pm BST. The fresh releases include The Drain featuring HEALTH & Swarm and a special version of The Death Of Peace Of Mind dubbed the So Wylie Patch.

The album also includes V.A.N, created in collaboration with Poppy. The track has already captivated audiences with a live version recorded during their European tour, accompanied by a music video directed by Poppy and Garrett Nicholson.

Tracklisting for ‘Concrete Jungle [The OST]’:

  2. “V.A.N” (feat. Poppy)
  3. “The Drain” (feat. HEALTH & Swarm)
  4. “Terms & Conditions” (feat. Bob Vylan)
  5. “Hedonist (Recharged)” (feat. Wargasm)
  6. “Even”
  7. “Loading Screen”
  8. “Anything > Human” (feat. ERRA)
  9. “Digital Footprint”
  10. “Nervous System” (feat. iRis.EXE)
  11. “C:\Projects\CJOST\FINDPEACE”
  12. “Artificial Suicide (Unzipped)” (feat. Thousand Below)
  13. “The Grey (Unzipped)” (feat. Thousand Below)
  14. “The Death Of Peace Of Mind” (We Are Fury Patch)
  15. “The Death Of Peace Of Mind” (So Wylie Patch)
  16. “Bad Decisions (Lofi)” (feat. Dahlia)
  17. “Just Pretend (Credits)” (feat. Let’s Eat Grandma, Chief)
  19. “Artificial Suicide” (live 2024)
  20. “Like A Villain” (live 2024)
  21. “The Grey” (live 2024)
  22. “What Do You Want From Me?” (live 2024)
  23. “Nowhere To Go” (live 2024)
  24. “V.A.N” (live 2024) (feat. Poppy)
  25. “The Death of Peace of Mind” (live 2024)
  26. “Just Pretend” (live 2024)

You can check out the official music video for V.A.N below to wait and look forward to the full album release. Stay tuned for more updates and release details!

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