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Bad Omens & Poppy Release Live Video For ‘V.A.N.’

Bad Omens & Poppy have released a live video for their collaborative effort, V.A.N. This premiere took place amidst their tour stops in Europe, with the track making its first live appearance in Berlin as part of the Concrete Forever Tour.

The single V.A.N.—standing for Violence Against Nature—explores themes of artificial intelligence and forms a part of the forthcoming Concrete Forever project by Bad Omens. This project serves as an experimental expansion of their widely acclaimed 2022 album, The Death Of Peace Of Mind.

Prior to the official live video release, audiences got a taste of what to expect through its cinematic music video and various live snippets shared by fans. This official live rendition, however, offers a more immersive glimpse into the performance, capturing the energy shared with the audience.

Following the debut of V.A.N., Bad Omens have seen remarkable success, dominating the top 3 spots on Billboard’s Hot Hard Rock Songs Chart in the US with this track, Just Pretend, and The Death Of Peace Of Mind. This achievement highlights the band’s significant impact and the warm reception of their evolving musical direction.

Check out the live video below and let us know what you think!

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