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Ghost Are Making A Movie Called ‘Rite Here Rite Now’

Rock band Ghost are making their first movie. It’s called Rite Here Rite Now and will be shown in cinemas all over the world on June 20th and 22nd. Tobias Forge, the leader of Ghost, directed the movie with Alex Ross Perry.

The movie was filmed at two big concerts Ghost played in Los Angeles at the Kia Forum. It will show not just the concerts but also a story that continues the band’s ongoing series, the Chapters. Fans will hear songs from all five of Ghost‘s albums.

The trailer and tickets will be available starting Thursday, May 9th. You can find links to buy tickets from the movie’s special website.

Tobias Forge said the idea for the movie started over ten years ago when Tom Whalley, who works with their music label, asked about the band’s story. Tobias promised to make one up when the time was right, and this movie is that story.

Alex Ross Perry, who helped direct the movie, said it was great working with Tobias and that they used a lot of different things for inspiration. They wanted to make a movie that Ghost fans and people who like rock music and spooky stories would enjoy.

So, this isn’t just a regular concert movie. It’s a bigger story with music and some drama, meant to be exciting for anyone who watches it. Mark your calendar for this movie event!

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