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Twenty One Pilots Announce Release Time New Single ‘Overcompensate’

Tomorrow, the long wait is finally over. After weeks of speculating, teasing, billboards showing up and fans receiving letters from DEMA, tomorrow, the 29th of February, 2024 will finally mark the return of Twenty One Pilots.

On the 29th of February, Twenty One Pilots will release their brand new single Overcompensate at 1PM Eastern Time.

If you have somehow missed all that has unfolded in the last couple of weeks, Twenty One Pilots shared a video not too long ago explaining the lore surrounding DEMA and Clancy, as can be seen right here.

For now, get excited for Twenty One Pilots‘ highly anticipated new era to kick off tomorrow at 1PM Eastern Time.

what's happening with Sum 41
Sum 41

Sum 41 Release New Single ‘Waiting On A Twist Of Fate’

Grammy-nominated rock group Sum 41 have just released their latest track, Waiting On A Twist Of Fate, marking a significant moment for the band as it’s part of what’s announced as their last album, Heaven :x: Hell. This release, available through Rise Records, is the second single off the album’s pop-punk-oriented “Heaven” section, showcasing a return to the band’s early pop-punk sound. With its energetic guitar riffs, dynamic drum fills, and compelling vocals, the song is a nod to the band’s roots and is designed to resonate with long-time fans.

Fans can stream Waiting On A Twist Of Fate online, offering a taste of what’s to come from Sum 41‘s final musical project.

Accompanying the single is a music video that pays tribute to the punk rock influences integral to Sum 41‘s identity. Filmed at the Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas, the video is not only a journey through the genre’s history but also features personal elements significant to the band, including a cameo from punk legend CJ Ramone. Moreover, the video offers an inside look at Green Day’s iconic tour bus, the Bookmobile, further cementing the single’s homage to punk rock heritage.

The release of Waiting On A Twist Of Fate not only serves as a reminder of Sum 41‘s enduring impact on the pop-punk landscape but also sets the stage for the band’s final album, promising a blend of nostalgia and fresh energy for fans old and new. Viewers can watch the music video and immerse themselves in the band’s tribute to the punk rock era that shaped them.

Stream the music video for Waiting On A Twist Of Fate below and get ready for the band’s last-ever album Heaven :x: Hell to release on the 29th of March. Make sure to catch the band on the road, as their upcoming tour will also be their last one.

what's happening with L.S. Dunes
L.S. Dunes 2023

L.S. Dunes Announce New Tour Dates Starting Soon

L.S. Dunes have announced some European shows in-between of the few festival appearances that the band has planned.

The band is featured on this year’s line-up for both Slam Dunk Festival dates in the UK in late May. L.S. Dunes will also play a set on SBÄM Fest Austra, as well as on Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park in early June. In between, L.S. Dunes have now announced shows to take place in Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

The new show announcement comes a few days after the band released their brand new single How Dare You, which released on Valentine’s Day.

Tickets for these select shows will go on sale this coming Friday, February 23rd at 10 am CET. Check out the poster with all the dates and venues in the tweet below. Grab your tickets via the band’s official website here and let us know if you are going to any of the newly announced L.S. Dunes shows!

what's happening with Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots Continue Teasing New Era: What Has Happened So Far

Last week, reports trickled in about a potential new twenty one pilots era being right around the corner. Now, mere days later, we have confirmation that the band’s new era is indeed coming at us very soon.

Last week’s reports

Last week’s report mentioned new music coming from Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Linkin Park (older music being released for the first time) and twenty one pilots music coming in the upcoming weeks, and from this last, twenty one pilots are the only one who have not officially announced anything yet.


However, even with the absent official announcement, we can see with certainty that the new era is coming soon. 1500 lucky fans have received mail from DEMA. For those unfamiliar with the twenty one pilots lore, the world of DEMA is a complex and enigmatic one, deeply rooted in the band’s music and associated lore. DEMA is often interpreted as a metaphorical representation of mental struggle, a dystopian society, or a state of mind that embodies the challenges of depression, anxiety, and the fight for self-liberation.

In the lore created around their album Trench, DEMA is depicted as a walled city governed by nine bishops, each representing different negative emotions or aspects of mental health that can trap individuals in cycles of negativity and despair. The city is oppressive and controlling, with the inhabitants frequently attempting to escape to a place called “Trench,” which symbolizes freedom, self-discovery, and the journey toward mental well-being. In the following album Scaled And Icy, the duo are back in DEMA and the album, as well as the live stream concert that released alongside the album, is a work of propaganda.

Posters with the new logo

Quickly following the letters making their way, posters of the a new version of the twenty one pilots logo started to pop-up in several cities across Europe. Starting with Warsaw, Poland, we now have posters spotted in the UK, Spain, The Netherlands with more popping up every few hours. In the tweet from @new_era_news right below you’ll be able to keep track of all the locations.

Last but definitely not least, the album covers of various twenty one pilots albums got a visual update on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music & more. Red tape got added to the covers, sending fans into a frenzy once again to buy red tape and change their profile photos to include said red tape. (us included).

Are you excited for the new twenty one pilots to kick off soon? When do you think an announcement or song will be revealed? Stay tuned for whatever is coming next!

what's happening with In This Moment
In This Moment GODMODE

In This Moment Announce Tours With Motionless In White, I See Stars & More

Two new tours from the In This Moment camp have been revealed earlier today.

Excitingly, In This Moment and Motionless In White are teaming up again, for the second instalment of their Dark Horizon Tour. In April and May, the two bands will be playing shows together with support from Kim Dracula & Mike’s Dead, including the rescheduled dates for Houston, which was cancelled on the first leg of the tour. For tickets, go to In This Moment’s official website.

In addition, In This Moment have also announced another big tour surrounding the release of their 2023 album GODMODE. In April and May, surrounding the shows with Motionless In White, In This Moment will be playing big shows again with Kim Dracula and Mike’s Dead. One (awesome) addition to the GODMODE tour line-up is I See Stars, who made a surprise comeback last year with 4 new singles after years of inactivity.

Check out all the tour dates on both posters below and let us know if you are going to any of the newly announced shows.

what's happening with Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots 2022

Twenty One Pilots Rumoured To Release New Music Soon

In the last couple of days, rumours started flying across the internet, surrounding a potential return of twenty one pilots.

These rumours reached new heights when a DJ on the radio station Alt Nation revealed in his show that “new twenty one pilots coming soon”, as can be listened to yourself via the X post at the bottom of this page, courtesy of @toplives1.

In addition, both band members Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph were spotted at the Super Bowl earlier this week. In the past, every album has had its colours and style attached to the era, and it appears that both Dun and Joseph have switched up their hairstyles, with Joseph having his hair trimmed. Josh Dun seems to have painted his hair red.

If a new twenty one pilots song were to be released, it would be the band’s first release since the 2021 album Scaled and Icy. It certainly has been a while since they released new original music. In 2023, the band did release the MTV Unplugged session they did via streaming services.

Until the band confirm that new music is on the horizon, these are all rumours yet to be confirmed. Take this with a grain of salt, even if the evidence is stacked.

Are you excited for twenty one pilots to come back? Let us know via social media. If you want to stay tuned on all things twenty one pilots, it might be worth your while to follow our friends over at new_era_news on X.