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Keane @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: Keane Kick Off 20th Anniversary Tour In Amsterdam

On Friday, the 19th of April, Keane began their K20 Europe, UK and Ireland tour. Their tour commemorating 20 years since the release of Hopes and Fears, their debut album from 2004, kicked off in AFAS Live.

Initially, both the band and the audience needed a bit of warming up. But by the time they played Your Eyes Open and Nothing in my Way, the chants of the audience filled the air.

Chatty lead singer Tom Chaplin was sincerely happy to be back in Amsterdam, comparing their repertoire to revisiting old friends. Stating that The Netherlands is the only country where Bend and Break was released as a single, and one of the first countries where they found success. Their music resonated with so many during the 2000s.

Yes, the stage setup could have been more inviting with its plain white backdrop. But then again, a Keane concert is not so much about the visual spectacle but rather about the music itself. 

The band, known for their likeable demeanor, gave their best, adding a personal touch to the night. Thanking the audience to have been so welcoming when they first started in the Melkweg in 2004, and again for being present in a sold-out AFAS Live 20 years later. As a tribute, they dedicated their last song, Somewhere Only We Know, to the ‘great people of Amsterdam’, hinting at an encore.

And what an encore it was! Lifting the atmosphere with Sovereign Light Café when they had everyone dancing. And Bedshaped being a memorable ending to a perfect night, with the line “What do I know?” echoing through the concert hall. Tom was evidently disappointed when their first concert in Europe came to an end.

The band’s music and Tom’s unchanged voice have not lost any of their charm. They led the audience on a nostalgic journey, evoking fond memories and revisiting old friends.

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Amanda Lautenbach