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Here’s The Setlist For ‘An Evening With Twenty One Pilots’

Last night, Twenty One Pilots played their first show in the Clancy era: “An Evening with Twenty One Pilots” at New York’s Bowery Ballroom. The venue has a capacity of 575 people. The last time they played at this location was May 8th, 2013.

Their next small show will be taking place in Berlin’s Metropol on May 7th. The band has also just announced the third show in this string of shows: in London on May 9th.

The venue for the newly announced show has not yet been revealed. It just says you can message “Exception” to @twentyonepilots on Instagram.

The setlist for yesterday’s show looks like this:

  1. Overcompensate (Live debut)
  2. Pet Cheetah (First performance since 2019; with Heavydirtysoul verse snippet)
  3. Fairly Local (Shortened; first performance since 2019)
  4. Holding On to You
  5. Mulberry Street
  6. Tear in My Heart (Extended bridge)
  7. Trapdoor (First performance since 2009, first performance with Josh Dun)
  8. Isle of Flightless Birds (First performance since 2014, no verse 3)
  9. Screen (First performance since 2017)
  10. Nico and the Niners (Shortened)
  11. Jumpsuit
  12. Shy Away (Restarted due to messed up lyrics, Tyler on bass; Next Semester tease)
  13. Backslide (Live debut; Extended outro)
  14. Leave the City (First performance since 2019)
  15. Encore:
  16. Ode to Sleep
  17. Next Semester (Live Debut)
  18. Trees

Are you one of the lucky few who gets to go to these shows? Let us know!

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