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Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler And Josh Share True Story Of How They Met

It’s been a mystery for years, how did best friends Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun meet each other?

Every time they get asked that question they make up a story on the spot.

We’ve heard the one about how Josh was selling a car on eBay, or how they met on Tinder.

Then there are the more believable ones about how Josh was invited to a Twenty One Pilots show and they hung out afterwards or how Josh worked in a guitar store with Chris Salih, they former drummer of Twenty One Pilots and that is how they met.

Now, during one of the recent shows of The Icy Tour, the duo finally revealed the true story of how they met. Or is yet another made-up story?
Tyler revealed that he used to work as security at a music venue and he sometimes had to kick out people for underage drinking.
According to him, Josh was one of those people and that is how they met.

Do you believe the new story? Check out the video below and let us know!

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Glenn van den Bosch