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YUNGBLUD & Lil Yachty Join Forces On New Song, ‘When We Die (Can We Still Get High?)’

YUNGBLUD, fresh off the NX_GN tour, drops his first 2024 single, “When We Die (Can We Still Get High?)” featuring Lil Yachty. Born out of YUNGBLUD’s New Orleans creative stint, the track symbolizes a fusion of alternative and hip-hop.

YUNGBLUD expressed his excitement about teaming up with Lil Yachty, emphasizing the shared rebellious spirit that has fueled their creative connection since 2019.

“Me and Yachty have been talking since 2019, and I’ve always thought we were on the same trip – fuck the rules, push things forward.

So, when I wrote the song, I knew he’d add something amazing. I wanted this moment to be a collision of each other’s imagination and sound. I’m really excited about it and for what it could potentially inspire between the future of alternative and hip-hop. Press play.”

Check out the new song and music video below and

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