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Set It Off Release New Single, ‘Win Win’, Featuring Scene Queen

Set It Off, the American rock band, has released a new single titled Win Win, featuring vocalist and influencer Scene Queen.

This marks the second collaboration between the two, following their release of Barbie & Ken last year. In a recent interview with them, frontman Cody Carson told us the following about that collab:

Our producer, Zach Jones, I love working with him. Scene Queen was at a Halloween party and we hit it off. She told me she was a big Set It Off fan and even came to a VIP of ours. She was inspired by our band and I wanted to work with her. So she wanted to do a co-write. At the moment, there were photos appearing of the Barbie & Ken movie and I had pink hair, she was wearing all pink, so we were like “Let’s do a Barbie & Ken thing!”. She wanted to make it like Mr & Mrs. Smith. We had so much fun doing that style, so it is not out of the cards that we are doing something like that again.

The release of the new track is the second new single we are getting from them this year, following the release of Punching Bag, for which they released a music video last week.

Check out the new song below and let us know what you think of it!

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