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CONCERT REVIEW: Set It Off Amaze During Colourful ‘Welcome To Elsewhere’ Show In The Netherlands

Finally, after waiting for 2,5 years, the Set It Off show that was announced in 2019 could finally take place. Armed with a brand new album Elsewhere, Set It Off had no issues selling-out the Pandora room in Utrecht’s beautiful TivoliVredenburg. Last time we saw Set It Off, the band played a significantly smaller show in Amsterdam, which also sold-out months in advance by the way, but it is nice to see the band taking on new heights as their music grows in popularity and uniqueness.

Just like last time in Amsterdam, the show matches the era in which the band is currently in, which means they’ve swapped out the blue aesthetic for the bright and colourful neon kinda theme they have going on now, which made for a better night for the photographers atleast. It seems that in very dedicated fans, Set It Off have also made some strides, with some fans queueing early in the day and the VIP-packages as popular as the tickets to the show itself. Before the show started, several announcements were made from the ‘Midnight Society‘, counting down to the methaphorical curtain drow and the kick-off of the show, which happened with the Elsewhere track Skeleton, quickly followed by Projector, another single from the current era.

The setlist featured a lot from the new album, but equally as much from the band’s popular 2014 release Duality. Picking a setlist must be hard with 5 full-length albums under your belt, but besides from playing 17 songs, Set It Off also played a medley consisting of an additional 9 tracks from their discography, giving the hardcore fans that know every song inside-out an extra treat.

As far as gimmicks go, Set It Off brought along an extensive light set-up to go with the colourful theme surrounding Elsewhere and its European tour and generally kept the energy very high. One after the other fast-paced song was played and sung back loudly, even the faster rap-like lyrics that Set It Off often features in their songs. I was impressed that vocalist Cody Carson could remember all the lyrics, let alone the legion of fans. Impressive.

Halfway through the set, things took a turn, as Cody Carson took his place behind the keyboard to perform the emotional Unopened Windows, which was led-in by a story by Carson, sharing how he unfortunately lost his father years ago and wrote this song as a result. It is beautiful how an entire room can be so loud and outgoing one second, for it to be quiet enough to hear a pin drop the next.

Later in the set, Set It Off‘s line-up also briefly changed around, with vocalist Cody Carson taking place behind the drum, while drummer Maxx Danziger took on vocal duties for the song Bad Guy while playing the ukelele, showcasing the diversity in musical talent that Set It Off have on stage.

From production to showmanship on stage, Set It Off have turned it up a nodge on the current Elsewhere tour and we feel fortunate to have witnessed the show. We also chatted with the band before they took the stage to discuss their new album & more. This interview will be with you shortly. For now, check out Eva van den Bosch her photos and make sure to catch Set It Off on tour next time they announce, cause their current trek is sold-out!

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Glenn van den Bosch