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Sum 41 @ Jera On Air 2024

JERA ON AIR 2024: Pop-Punk Dominates Friday Line-Up

As the summer sun blazed down on the picturesque village of Ysselsteyn in the Netherlands, the last weekend of June saw thousands of alternative music enthusiasts converge for the much-anticipated 30th edition of Jera On Air Festival. This year’s edition was no exception to the Jera On Air rule, delivering an unforgettable weekend brimming with high-octane performances, passionate fans, and an undeniable sense of community. The lineup boasted a mix of legendary acts and rising stars, with among today’s highlights being Sum 41, Simple Plan and the theatrical Ice Nine Kills.

Join us, as we delve into the highlights of the festival, capturing the essence of what makes Jera On Air an unparalleled experience in the alternative music scene. From the most talked-about performances to the unique festival atmosphere, we’ll explore how Jera On Air 2024 lived up to its storied legacy and set the stage for future gatherings.


The day kicked off with the iconic Silverstein, who have been doing this for a very long time now. On stage, the band announced that there’s a 25 year anniversary tour coming next year, on which they will most definitely not skip over The Netherlands. In or around March, the band will be playing at the Melkweg, with the announcement being imminent. Stay tuned! There are very few bands who are as comfortable on stage as Silverstein are. There’s a lot of routine in their performance and instrumentally and vocally it is rock solid. The setlist consisted of mostly singles from throughout the years, with the audience’s response peaking at the iconic My Heroine and Smile In Your Sleep.

Neck Deep

Neck Deep brought a tidal wave of pop-punk energy to Jera On Air, delivering a set that spanned their dynamic discography and ignited excitement among the crowd. From start to finish, their performance was a whirlwind of high-octane beats and anthemic choruses that had everyone jumping around and diving into mosh pits. Opening with tracks that showcased their evolution as a band, Neck Deep immediately set a blistering pace. Fans were treated to a mix of their earlier hits and newer material, with many fan favourites being played this evening. Tracks like In Bloom did extraordinarily well eliciting a massive response from fans who sang along passionately.

Ice Nine Kills

After a short dinner break, it was time for one of our personal highlights of JOA 2024: Ice Nine Kills. We saw the band open for Five Finger Death Punch mere weeks ago, but that did not take any of the excitement away. Ice Nine Kills have emerged as one of the most exciting bands in the alternative scene, steadily rising since the release of The Silver Scream in 2018. Their live shows have evolved alongside their growing popularity, reaching new heights on this European tour. Each song from their two The Silver Scream albums, inspired by popular horror movies, was brought to life on stage with band members and actors re-enacting movie scenes. This dramatic flair has expanded with every tour; this performance was no exception. Over their 45-minute set, they entertained the audience with nine songs, including fan favourites Hip To Be ScaredRainy Day and the latest addition, Meat & Greet.

Of Mice & Men

Next up were Of Mice & Men, who are no stranger to the European festival circuit. The band is still very actively touring and we feel like they set foot in The Netherlands at least on an annual basis. Unfortunately for us, while the band play very well live, the band’s new repertoire from which they generally pick the setlist does not stand out. In our experience, the crowd also gave the biggest response during the live rendition of an older song Would You Still Be There, but we could be biased. Let me emphasize that the band are extraordinarily well live and everything sounds good, but the flame that Of Mice & Men once had has been doused if you ask us.

Sum 41

Up until a week ago, a lot of Dutch Sum 41 fans were under the impression that Sum 41‘s set on Jera On Air would be the very last time that the band set foot on Dutch ground as a band. Luckily for us, the band announced another massive headliner show to take place in October of this year before they officially call it quits. For a lot of the festival goers, however, tonight could have been the last Sum 41 show and they sure went out with a blast.

With a setlist spanning the band’s iconic discography, Sum 41 pulled out all the stops. With confetti, inflatable backdrops of Satan, a digital screen and more CO2 cannons and pyrotechnics than you could count, Sum 41 performed as well as anyone could expect.

Throughout their set, Sum 41 seamlessly blended old favourites like In Too Deep and Still Waiting with newer tracks that showcased their evolution as musicians. Each song was delivered with such intensity and precision that it was impossible not to be swept up in the infectious enthusiasm radiating from the stage.

The band’s interaction with the audience was equally ecstatic, with Whibley rallying the crowd into frenzied sing-alongs and encouraging mosh pits that erupted like controlled chaos in front of the stage. There was a sense of camaraderie and bittersweetness as fans of all ages and backgrounds united in their love for the music, knowing in a few months, the iconic band would be no more.

Simple Plan

Speaking of iconic Canadian bands, as soon as Sum 41 played their last note, Simple Plan kicked off their set on the Vulture stage, for which the majority of the audience that was in the tent with Sum 41 trickled in over the course of the first few minutes of their show. Luckily for the older fans who grew up with both these Canadian powerhouses, Simple Plan have shown no sign of slowing down.

Simple Plan took the stage at the festival with their trademark energy and enthusiasm, delivering a set that resonated well with the audience, especially the older fans. Their performance was solid and engaging, drawing cheers and applause from the crowd throughout. Fans sang along to their well-known hits, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and nostalgia. Especially after another nostalgic set from Sum 41, Simple Plan‘s set at the festival was a highlight for many attendees, showcasing their enduring appeal and ability to connect through their music. It was a great day for older pop-punk fans.

Dropkick Murphys

After what felt like two headliner sets from Sum 41 and Simple Plan, the night had not yet come to a close until the ‘real’ headliner took the stage. At 23:45, Dropkick Murphys took to the main stage under loud jubilance from the audience. There’s very little about a Dropkick Murphys show that is left unsaid, and that is because the band have their ‘party formula’ sorted out. The band play their mix of Irish folk and punk rock with so much verve, that it’s hard to stand still watching the band perform. As a result, the moshpit whirls from the first moment onwards and beer flies through the sky all over the place. The entire tent was filled with people dancing, jumping and moshing around to the many well-known songs from the outfit.

Check out the photos from the headliner below and stay tuned for more Jera On Air 2024 content, as we will return tomorrow!

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