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Jera On Air Review: A Hot Last Day Filled With Highlights

Festivals fly by, and unfortunately, we had already arrived at the last day of Jera On Air. Luckily there were some incredible artists on today’s line-up, leaving us in anticipation what this day has to offer. We were treated to a hot summer day with no rain, and our day started with the highly anticipated newcomer Hot Milk, who are releasing their third EP in August. Hot Milk released their first single only in 2019 and have already garnered quite the following, with almost half a million of listeners on Spotify alone. Even though the band played early on in the afternoon, many fans had come out from the camping to see the band perform at 13:00. Hot Milk played their power pop with vigor before an ecstatic audience and we are convinced this is just the beginning for them. Check out what the show looked like in the gallery below!


Up next are the very popular German metalcore band Electric Callboy, known for their 80s vibes videos and looks in the new singles including Hypa Hypa and Pump It Better. In a short period of time, these guys have become one of the biggest bands in heavy music and the crowd that came out for them in the middle of the day confirmed this. The band played the mainstage, but the crowd gathered outside of the tent as well, as there was just no room inside the tent. Kicking off their set with the outfits and wigs they wear in their music videos, Electric Callboy played their single Pump It Better and then Ninja before changing back into regular clothing for the remainder of the set. The amount of crowdsurfers during their set was unmatched as of yet this weekend and we cannot wait for their full album to release. The show was about the same as the one we witnessed in Amsterdam, the crowd was just a lot bigger at Jera on Air. Check out some shots from their show right below.


Pop-punk giants Neck Deep were up next on the mainstage, giving us a pre-show of what’s to come when they play the Amsterdam venue Melkweg next week. High energy and great tunes are what Neck Deep are known for, and that’s exactly what they came to deliver. Check out some shots from their performance in the gallery below:


The second Neck Deep played the last note, things turned up a notch, as the popular hardcore act Knocked Loose took the stage on the Vulture stage, which was once again packed beyond its capacity. We didn’t expect that to be any different, as the band are currently riding a wave so huge, it’s hard to come back down. Their shows are absolute mayhem, a sweaty whirling mess in the best way possible and Jera was exactly that. With the iconic ‘arf arf’ breakdown and many more popular songs from their 2019 album A Different Shade of Blue and their new songs from the 2021 EP A Tear In The Fabric Of Life, Knocked Loose came with a varied setlist, with some throwbacks for the OG fans to Deadringer and even the 2014 EP Pop Culture.


At this point, there are too many great artists playing on Jera, so it’s running all over the festival grounds to the different stages to not miss anything worthwhile. Next up were Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, which is guaranteed to be a crazy show. Those who have seen the Pinkpop stream last week know what to expect, but for many in the audience, the insanity of a Frank Carter show was either a first or something people definitely looked forward to. The first few songs, Frank Carter spends more time in the audience than he does on stage, starting mosh and circle pits (that range outside of the tent), and swimming around on the hands of the crowd, wearing an inflatable flamingo, because why not. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have an incredible discography, with many epic songs such as Lullaby, Go Get A Tattoo and Kitty Sucker, but honestly the highlight of the show is the crazy shenanigans that Frank Carter and his bandmates are up to while playing their show, even if you don’t enjoy their music, you’ll have a great time attending one of their shows. Check out some shots from the mayhem right below.


We are nearing the end of an incredible festival weekend, but not until we’ve seen the iconic Bullet For My Valentine live on the main stage. A BFMV show is what I would like to call ‘familiar greatness’. The band has an iconic status and has definitely earned this status, but their show has been about the same for years. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but for us, it’s rinse and repeat. Nonetheless, the band’s new songs Knives and Shatter were a delight to hear live, not to mention the always iconic Your Betrayal, which the band opened with. Check out some photos from the familiar greatness right below.


It has been our utmost pleasure to attend Jera On Air again after 2 years of no live-shows, but unfortunately, we have arrived at the headliner of the final day, one final act before thousands of festival go-ers would go home to return to their day-to-day jobs and (extra)ordinary lives. Luckily, we’d return home with a smile on our face, as the final headliner was none other than Rise Against. Yet another titan of the industry, Rise Against are still on top of their game, with more than 6 million listeners every single month via Spotify alone, and a brand new EP Nowhere Generation II, the continuance of the 2021 album Nowhere Generation. Of course, a headliner slot like this one isn’t always used to promote a whole lot from the new music, but rather make a beautiful mix of old and new to give everyone who’s ever listened to Rise Against at some point in their lives a treat. As a result, the setlist was a very balanced mixture, with 1-2 songs being played from most albums, except for the album that put Rise Against on the map to stay: Appeal To Reason. This album is home to many favourites, including Savior, Hero of War and Collapse, which were all on the setlist tonight. Check out some Rise Against shots right below and special thanks to Jera on Air for having us this year!


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Glenn van den Bosch