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The Prodigy @ Jera On Air 2024

JERA ON AIR 2024: Fourth & Last Day Sees Muddy Fields & Great Bands

As Jera On Air is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the festival expanded to a celebratory 4th day: Sunday. After last night’s storm, the night can only be described as turbulent. Torrential rainfall and an absolute mud-fest on the festival grounds on the bonus day made some attendees take an early leave. As a result, Jera On Air was not as packed as it was on the previous days. But, let bygones be bygones, even with a handful of people lacking, the line-up was still great and so was the atmosphere.

Boston Manor

For us, our bonus Jera On Air day started with the British rockers from Boston Manor. Their music blends elements of punk rock, emo, and alternative rock, making them popular with the younger crowd. For those who came out early, they were in for a treat, as Boston Manor played a great set with high crowd participation. The musicians showcased their high-energy style and strong connection with the audience. The setlist featured standout tracks like Foxglove and I Don’t Like People (& They Don’t Like Me), both of which were clear fan favourites. The crowd’s enthusiastic response to these songs highlighted their popularity, with many attendees singing along passionately. Throughout their performance, Boston Manor maintained an impressive level of intensity, ensuring that the energy never waned. Definitely a band to keep track of in the coming years.


Speaking of bands to keep track of in the coming years, next up for us were yet another relatively new band who burst onto the scene and are doing exceptionally well. With their two albums Lost Souls (2021) and Reflections (2023), Caskets are sitting on an impressive 1.7 million listeners a month via Spotify alone. In 45 minutes, Caskets proved that their popular post-hardcore songs also resonate in a live setting. The band focused on their music, leaving the crowd participation to a minimum but that’s quite alright. Caskets are doing incredibly well and I am sure as the years go on and the festival slots become longer and at later times, the live show will grow with them. Definitely yet another band to keep track of in the coming years!


This bonus day also saw the legendary Atreyu take the stage! Atreyu’s performance at Jera On Air was a testament to their exceptional musicianship and enduring legacy in the alternative scene. From the moment they took the stage, it was clear that the band have been going for quite a while. Each member’s technical prowess was on full display while keeping crowd engagement high. Their sheer joy on stage was infectious. The band’s energy never waned, and their enthusiasm was evident in every song, making the performance not just a concert but a shared experience. As entertainers, Atreyu proved they are more than just musicians; they are showmen who know how to engage and excite a crowd. The setlist was a perfect blend of classic hits and newer material, showcasing their evolution while satisfying longtime fans. Overall, Atreyu’s set at Jera On Air was solid entertainment from a band that continues to define and dominate their genre.

Enter Shikari

After a quick dinner break, it was time for the first of the last two acts. This band might have been the headliner for a lot of the festival attendees. The popular Enter Shikari did play the Vulture stage rather than the Eagle stage, but they played for an hour and they were the last set on that stage.

Enter Shikari‘s set kicked off their mainstage set with frontman and vocalist Rou Reynolds walking on stage and starting the spoken intro of System…. When it was time for the instrumental part of System… and its counterpart …Meltdown to kick in, Frontman Rou Reynolds and his bandmates wasted no time in ramping up the energy. Their dynamic stage presence was infectious, igniting the audience from the get-go. The set kicked off with a mix of newer tracks and classics. Highlights of the show included the anthemic Live Outside, which had everyone singing along, and the explosive Sssnakepit, which transformed the crowd into a sea of movement and energy.

On stage, they brought out two cube-like screens alongside the backdrop for an immersive experience and apart from the usual suspects on the setlist, Enter Shikari also mixed in a bit of remixed songs and extended in and outros, making the set a more techno-induced show, filling up the quiet moments in-between songs with electronic bits and pieces.

Unfortunately, the stage setup was the same as it was at Rock Am Ring earlier this summer. Deep down, we were hoping for a bit more given their timeslot, but it makes sense that the band did not bring along more special effects on their extensive trek through the continent. Overall, it was a great show and we are excited to see them on their next tour.

The Prodigy

Jera On Air‘s special 30th birthday extravaganza came to a close a bit earlier than the previous days, which makes sense on a Sunday night. I do not think there are many festival attendees who did not take off work the next day, but for those for whom the grind starts again on Monday morning, a cut-off time of 23:00 is rather considerate.

The Prodigy‘s headliner show was a dynamic spectacle that left a lasting impression on the audience. From the moment they took the stage, the energy was intense, despite minimal use of lighting effects. The focus was on their powerful performance and the cool stage set-up, which featured an array of equipment, large screens, and an assortment of The Prodigy flags that added a unique visual element to the show.

The crowd erupted in excitement as soon as the opening beats of Firestarter hit. The familiar riffs and aggressive vocals brought an immediate, enthusiastic response from the fans. The band maintained a relentless pace, delivering hit after hit with remarkable intensity. Smack My Bitch Up was another highlight, its iconic status evident as the crowd sang along and moved in unison to the pounding rhythm. The performance was raw and visceral, showcasing The Prodigy‘s ability to connect with their audience through their music alone.

Overall, the show was a testament to The Prodigy‘s enduring appeal and their commitment to delivering a powerful live experience. Despite the sparse lighting, the stage set-up and the band’s high-energy performance created an unforgettable atmosphere, ensuring the audience was left thoroughly satisfied.

And that wraps up another spectacular year of Jera On Air. What this organisation achieves year after year is nothing short of spectacular. 4 days of partying and a very quick and clear response when disaster struck in the form of a short but relentless storm. We would like to extend our gratitude towards the festival for yet another great year of being involved as media partner and we cannot wait for next year!

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Glenn van den Bosch