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Five Finger Death Punch @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: Amsterdam AFAS Live Shaken by Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills

In the midst of what can only be imagined as a fantastically chaotic summer of shows, Five Finger Death Punch delivered an unforgettable performance at Amsterdam’s AFAS Live, accompanied by the very special guest Ice Nine Kills. This summer, both bands are touring with Metallica across numerous countries and dates, while also headlining their own shows on off-days, such as the one witnessed in Amsterdam. The evening saw approximately 5000 fans revelling in a powerful selection of Five Finger Death Punch‘s greatest hits and fan favourites, but the night started with the thrilling theatrics of Ice Nine Kills, who set the stage on fire with their unique brand of horror-themed metal.

Ice Nine Kills have emerged as one of the most exciting bands in the alternative scene, steadily rising since the release of The Silver Scream in 2018. Their live shows have evolved alongside their growing popularity, reaching new heights on this European tour. Each song from their two The Silver Scream albums, inspired by popular horror movies, was brought to life on stage with band members and actors re-enacting scenes from the movies. This dramatic flair has expanded with every tour, and this performance was no exception. Over their 45-minute set, they captivated the audience with nine songs, including fan favourites Hip To Be Scared, Rainy Day and the latest addition, Meat & Greet.

What an incredible band! We eagerly anticipate seeing them live again in just a week at Jera On Air.

Five Finger Death Punch‘s last headliner show in the Netherlands was on June 20, 2022, at the RTM Stage in Rotterdam, where they pulled out all the stops with a visually stunning performance. This Amsterdam show, however, had a different focus. The iconic 8-symbol, depicting a snake eating its own tail, graced the backdrop while lights and lasers enhanced the musical experience. The band members were visibly comfortable on stage, with frontman Ivan Moody frequently engaging with the front-row audience. During the songs, a plethora of guitar picks and bracelets were tossed into the crowd, adding to the connection between the band and their fans. Notably, Moody spotted several kids in the front row and invited a father with his two kids up on stage to watch the show, receiving special attention throughout.

Setlist-wise, Five Finger Death Punch made sure no era was left out. Their set was a perfect blend of new and old tracks, ensuring that every fan had something to enjoy. Unlike many bands that focus on newer material while on tour, Five Finger Death Punch’s current tour isn’t tied to any new release. This allowed them to celebrate their entire discography and pay homage to their long-time fans.

Overall, Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills delivered a night of phenomenal music, leaving fans eager for more. You can get a glimpse of what the show looked like via the gallery right below.

Ice Nine Kills:

Five Finger Death Punch:

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