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Concert Review: Blink-182, A Day To Remember & All Time Low


​The Show started out with DJ Spider mixing various songs from different genres.

After this, All Time Low began playing their set. Opening up with their classic “Lost in Stereo” it was the beginning of an amazing set. During their set Jack ran off the stage and around the crowd, stopping periodically to give a guitar pic or a hug. Surprisingly they didn’t play Jasey Rae, which to my knowledge they play at every show, or at least the other shows I’ve seen them play. However they did start Weightless a bit differently as they started it with Alex singing by himself and then the whole band kicked in. This was interesting to watch because it was differently than its usually played.  They ended with Dear Maria, as usual, and it is still one of the best ways to end a show.

A Day To Remember took the stage, starting off with The Downfall Of Us All, during this song beach balls were thrown into the crowd, this was a crowd favorite. They really got the crowd going, even people who didn’t know them began to enjoy their set. My favorite songs were Have Faith In Me and All Signs Point To Lauderdale. During All Signs Point to Lauderdale, toilet paper was shot into the crowd from canons. After that, they played If it Means a lot to You, a slower track from the band. The crowd acted accordingly and flash lights and lighters were lit everywhere in the room. This song brought on many tears from the crowd and it was a very intimate moment for the show goers. Their set ended with The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle which had streamers shot out of canons at the end. This band really knows how to captivate a crowd, it was an amazing set that really drew the crowd’s attention in. I’d definitely go see them again if I had the chance.

Blink 182 took the stage, the headlining band that everyone looked forward to. Their set started off strong with Feeling This accompanied with Pyro. Blink played the perfect balance of old songs and songs from their new album California. As many of you know, Blink is touring with Matt Skiba as Tom Delonge is no longer in the band. At first I was a little weary as to how it was going to go without Tom. But Matt Skiba definitely didn’t disappoint. His voice blended well with the band as a whole and he is a very talented guitar player. His on stage personality is fun and added to the enjoyment of the show. In the middle of the set Mark asks the crowd to choose betweenThe Only Thing that Matters and San Diego. The crowd chose The Only Thing that Matters, however after this song Mark Hoppus decided to play San Diego as well. Travis had an amazing drum solo during Violence which really showed off his skill and displayed how good of a drummer he is. The show “ended” with Los Angeleswith stunning pyrotechnics that really added to the fantastic light show that the lighting techs put on. After a four song encore the show ended with Dammit which once again had pyro and then ended with confetti out of a canon into the front of the crowd.

Overall this was a tour that was not one to miss and I recommend seeing all these bands on their future tours.

​Written by Ashley Weltner