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The Maine @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: The Maine Celebrate Sweet 16 With Ecstatic Amsterdam Crowd

The year was 2008 when The Maine burst onto the scene with the album ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’, which they truly took as words to live by, because 16 years later, The Maine are still at it, refusing and unable to stop. To celebrate the band’s sweet 16, The Maine took to Europe for a string of shows to highlight their remarkable discography in the style of a sweet 16 or prom-style party.

The ambiance of the concerts reflected this theme perfectly, with a disco ball shimmering above and a backdrop of sparkling silver glitter curtains. The band members, dressed in their finest, delivered a set that spanned their entire discography, consisting of an impressive 25 songs that included both essential hits and fan favorites.

The Maine’s energy was relentless as they powered through the setlist, pausing only for a few brief interludes that allowed the audience to catch their breath and enhanced the band’s interaction with the crowd. A notable moment came after performing ‘Numb Without You,’ when the band invited the audience to choose the next song. Presented with ‘Inside Of You’ and ‘Ice Cave,’ the crowd selected the latter, adding an element of spontaneity to the show. In another memorable interaction, vocalist John O’Callaghan left the stage to join fans during the performance of ‘Sticky,’ further blurring the lines between the band and their audience.

As the setlist consisted of songs from throughout the 16 years of releasing music, The Maine truly showcased the diversity in their songs throughout the year. Each album has something unique, and to hear works from all of these moments throughout recent history made for a remarkable evening. Truly a kudos to The Maine for playing a total of 25 songs, we can count the bands who performed that many songs during a show in the last 8 years on two hands.

For this remarkable evening, we had the privilege of giving you two visual perspectives, which you can check out in the gallery below!

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Glenn van den Bosch