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Twenty One Pilots Announce They Are Making A Music Video For Every Song On ‘Clancy’

Two weeks ago, Twenty One Pilots, the dynamic duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, officially announced their highly-anticipated seventh album titled Clancy, set for release on May 17th. This date marks exactly nine years from the release of their breakthrough album, Blurryface. The album Clancy is eagerly awaited as it represents the final chapter in the intricate narrative that the band first introduced with Blurryface in 2015 and continued with Trench in 2018. This narrative arc has captivated fans for years, weaving a complex story through the band’s music and videos​​​​.

In an exciting announcement that has thrilled the band’s dedicated fanbase, Twenty One Pilots also revealed they would be making a significant push with their new album by releasing a music video for each of the album’s songs. This ambitious endeavor promises to provide a visual counterpart to the album’s intricate lore and musical journey, further immersing fans in the world Twenty One Pilots have crafted over the years.

The album Clancy consists of 13 songs, with titles such as Overcompensate, Next Semester, Midwest Indigo, and Routines In The Night, among others. The lead single, Overcompensate, has already been released, showcasing the band’s signature blend of infectious melodies and introspective storytelling. The song and its accompanying music video dive deep into themes of self-reflection and resilience, featuring a mesmerizing journey through the fictional land of Trench and other captivating visuals​​​​.

Tyler Joseph, in a narrative video released before the album announcement, shared more about the fantastical story of Clancy, including his escape from the city of Dema and his journey through the continent of Trench. This narrative depth is a hallmark of Twenty One Pilots‘ work, engaging fans with stories that complement their music​​.

As the release date for Clancy approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating what promises to be a landmark album in Twenty One Pilots‘ discography. With music videos for each song on the horizon, the band is set to offer an immersive experience that pairs their unique sound with compelling visual storytelling, marking a bold new chapter for Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Check out the announcement Tyler Joseph made on his X below and let us know what you think of it!

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