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Twenty One Pilots Officially Announce New Era & Finally Explain Full DEMA Lore

After a week of teasing, letter sending and changing album covers, the moment is finally here. Twenty One Pilots have officially announced their new era. “Next week, a new chapter begins.”.

Thus meaning, that all the fans who figured out the significant meaning of 2-2-9, February 29th, were right. And while we’re handing out ‘ you’re rights’, the duo have also finally revealed and explained the entire lore behind DEMA, Trench and Scaled And Icy. And we mean.. everything.

For the past six/seven years, terms such as Clancy, Bishops, Nico, Banditos, and many many others have made their way throughout the Clique and now, a video explaining everything via a letter from Clancy, who indeed turns out to be frontman Tyler Joseph, has been released.

Check out the video and the announcement below and share your thoughts with us!

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