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Are Twenty One Pilots Teasing Something?


Twenty One Pilots have drastically changed their social media layout and uploaded a new header, which could indicate a tease of some sort.

​The header is a photo of the band performing in an arena, captioned ‘You’ll have to come and find me’.  On Twitter they have posted the same image, with Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun cut out of the photo, where in the original photo the two are present.

This makes an awful lot of sense, since it is captioned with “You’ll have to come and find me”. What do you think Twenty One Pilots are teasing?

UPDATE: Twenty One Pilots have continued to post lyrics in the eye which appears to get smaller with each post. As new posts get made, we’ll post them below, the one below this text being the most recent one.

SECOND UPDATE: The eye is now completely closed with the lyrics ‘And now I just sit in SILENCE’, the powerful sentence of ‘Car Radio’. 
They have removed the
 ø from their social media accounts and it isn’t in the last post (Car Radio) either.
Their current header just states ‘SILENCE’ with a stripe through the e (e̶).
It’s officially the end of the Blurryface era and time for a new one!
Their current profile picture is a hiatus (-), also meaning a break.
​Time for new music!


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Glenn van den Bosch