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Halsey Explains Why Bring Me The Horizon Collab Is Not On Next Album


Halsey finally posted the tracklist of her upcoming record, ‘Manic’, which is coming out on January 17th, on her Instagram and fans noticed that there was a particular collaboration missing on the list: the one with Bring Me The Horizon.

Short after, she went live on Instagram to answer some questions about the record and the tracklisting and of course, the question why it was missing was asked.

She responded the following:

“OK, the Bring Me The Horizon song. I knew you guys were going to ask about that. It’s not on this album, but there’s two—well technically ‘two’ things. One and then something else that are coming out not on my album—for something else with Bring Me The Horizon. And then I have another collaboration with another friend of mine that’s coming out this year too, and I’m putting out so much music next year.”

So we are definitely getting the track and then some more!

Are you excited? Let us know! Also, check out the tracklist below.

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January 17, 2020

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