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Halsey Discusses Her Album Going Nr 1. In US, Says She Was Pissed When She Heard It


The massive festival Glastonbury Festival was held this weekend and Halsey was on the line-up this year! Besides performing, Halsey did some promotion aswell and caught up with NME at the festival grounds in which she discussed her album being nr 1. in the Billboard 200 and being the first female artist to make that happen in 2017.

Halsey shared in the interview that when she heard the news that she was the first female to be nr 1. on the Billboard 200 of this year, she felt pissed. She shared this in the interview:

“Everyone thought I would be excited, and I was, but I think there are so many women who’ve put out better albums than me that deserve that. So all we can do is keep shining a light on the female artists that we love and give them the exposure they deserve.”

She does think that this summer, the chart will be dominated by women, as both Katy Perry and Lorde have taken the nr 1. spot in the Billboard 200 after Halsey did.
This summer Lana Del Rey will also release a new record, which is bound to end up high in the charts aswell.

The entire interview Halsey had with NME can be viewed here.

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Glenn van den Bosch