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UPDATED: Fall Out Boy Reveal Details Announcement


UPDATE: Fall Out Boy will be making an announcement tomorrow at 12 PM EST.
For the European friends that’ll be 6 PM and in the UK that’ll be 5 PM.
Check out the announcement at the bottom of this post.

At first, Fall Out Boy were teasing something to happen on April 28th.
Pete Wentz however has revealed to his Twitter followers that this announcement has been moved up a day, meaning that we’ll be getting the Fall Out Boy announcement one day early: April 27th!

In addition, Pete Wentz has also revealed that whatever is coming is titled ‘Purple’, or atleast he says it is. Let’s just pretend Pete Wentz isn’t trying to confuse us even more.

Check out Pete Wentz’ tweets regarding this subject below and get excited for ‘Purple’, whatever it may be!