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Album Review: Set It Off – Upside Down


Set It Off are the best of both worlds of pop and punk with Cody Carson’s soaring vocals, dance worthy mixes, all meshed together with a killer guitar from both Dan Clermont and Zach DeWall. Drummer Maxx Danziger creates grooving beats that take each of the tracks over the top. Overall Set It Off absolutely wows with Upside Down. This release punctuates why they were playing one of the main stages at this summer’s Warped Tour. 

Carson’s vocals throughout the album are stunning. From the high notes that knock your socks off to the softer melodic vocals he is out to impress. Guitarists Clermont and DeWall stun for the duration of Upside Down. Danziger pulls from pop and punk worlds to produce a beat that is seamless from track to track no matter the tone. 

The drums in ‘Something New’ automatically drew me in and had me dancing. That couplet with the bass have this song locked tight in a best of pop punk playlist. ‘Something New’ will completely agree with pop music lovers as well as punk enthusiasts. Listeners will have the buh-duh-ba-buh-duns stuck in their heads for hours. 

Carson’s vocals in ‘Uncontainable’ make this song so much fun. The lyrics and guitar combine to hit hard and make you want to fight for whatever you want in life. 
‘Life Afraid’ is easily my favorite track on the entire album. If you want a usual Set It Off track look no further because ‘Life Afraid’ includes lyrics that are seriously inspiring. I was most drawn to the fact that this track made me feel so awesome and ready to take on the world which is something I now equate with Set It Off. 

Having a bad day, turn on Upside Down and automatically start crying alongside the happy trumpets of this song. Belt the uplifting lyrics and smile through the pain, because this song does exactly what the lyrics are suggesting by turning your frown upside down and encouraging a little bit of positive thinking. By the end of this song if you haven’t cracked a smile then I’d suggest putting it on repeat for the rest of the day for good measure. Carson’s vocals sound like a gigantic smile, and the track is for sure going to be my best friend on days when I’m feeling particularly down.

‘Want’ could compete to be one of the top pop songs of today. The melodies are reminiscent of new pop and older R & B music. This would be the song belonging to a movie soundtrack. 

‘Hypnotized’ is the equivalent of a Taylor Swift breakup song and Beyonce call out song to the punk rock scene. This track includes interesting hip hop influences that intermingle the rock instrumental backing.

No matter the mood you’re in when listening to Upside Down, there will without a doubt be a relatable track.
Set It Off have shown that they can grow and mature while still maintaining the free spirit that is essential to their music. Upside Down should be one of the top albums of this year. 

Written by Ashley Long