Natalie Claro Releases Music Video For Astonishing Track “Mountains”


We are beyond thrilled and honoured to be premiering Natalie Claro’s latest masterpiece: the music video for the track “Mountains”! For those who aren’t aware of Natalie Claro yet, please meet Natalie Claro, the 18yr singer/songwriter who’s music is filled with influences from rock, pop, folk and a punch beyond reason!

Natalie Claro released her debut record “Disconnect” in 2017 and by far exceeded 500k streams on Spotify without having a label. Natalie Claro is currently on the road, playing shows surrounding the release of her album “Disconnect” and recently released a cover of Queen’s “Somebody To Love”.

Her music is shock filled and one of the most popular tracks on her “Disconnect” album is the single “Mountains” and you will definitely understand why this track is so popular when you listen to it and simultaneously view Claro’s brand new music video at the bottom of this article, but first: please allow Natalie Claro herself to tell you something about the track “Mountains” and the music video it spawned:

“The song Mountains is a song I wrote when I was 15 years old. As you grow up, you realize a lot of the privileges we have in life have dark and problematic ways of getting to us. You realize that when the people ask politicians for change, they shed a tear to show remorse then turn around and laugh once behind closed doors. An example is that after all these years of gun violence in my country, it turns out most of our politicians accept pay offs from the National Rifle Association to warp their decision making. Other issues are systematic racism, or the way medicine is prescribed to people in need of help, the separation of social classes created in the country, or even the wars created that affect innocent families in other nations. All of these things are issues that most people including myself are very passionate about changing. When I came to realize that a lot of these issues are created intentionally by elite’s who want to fill their wallets, it genuinely freaked me out and upset me. The music video is just a representation of this situation. Every day people wake up, go to their 9-to-5 job, come home to eat and then sleep before repeating. But sometimes in that process, a little bit of truth slips into your mind. “I’m going to get my jeans at Walmart to save some cash… I wonder who made these pants?” or “It’s weird how every-other commercial I see is for a prescription drug… are they trying to help us, or make money off us?” It’s a lot of “am I contributing to these issues without realizing???” In this video I wake up with unease and suspicion. I investigate everything around me and notice things seem wrong yet continue to mind my own business for awhile just as we all do. Over time, the truth starts to slip out. You catch glimpses of blood and destroyed objects. Nevermind, it’s normal again. Wait- there it is. It’s that whole concept until I fall back asleep only to repeat it again when I awake. That’s how life is everyday. Every day I wake up trying to be the happiest and most grateful person in the world, which I honestly should be, but with every year of growing up truths about this planet and how evil it can be practically slap me in the face; I can’t fix it as soon as the realization comes to me.”

That’s as clear of a picture as you can possibly get, right?

Claro continues to go deeper into the content of the track, and leaves her statement on a more positive note. Continuing about the content of the track “Mountains”, Natalie shares the following with us:

The line in the song “you are stuck, and it’s a shame, but it’s not like signs can make it change”, was kind of a knock to myself. By stuck I mean I feel useless not being to just walk out of my house and change everything that is corrupt within an hour. The truth is, things can only be fixed in baby steps and may never be completely resolved. All I know is, I want to do good in this world and if that means enduring those baby steps every day then so be it. I want to be apart of the change. And as for that- I will forever acknowledge the opportunities and privileges I have. I will forever see that there are millions of people in unfortunate situations, and want to do everything I can to always speak up for what I feel is right. I think everyone on this Earth deserves happiness.

We, as I’m sure a lot of you do too, love tracks that make you think and tackle important issues as the ones Natalie describes above. It’s tracks like these that are eye-opening and very confronting, sometimes it leaves you with unease but it’s important to not turn a blind eye. 

Natalie Claro, who was already thinking and writing music about these issues at the age of 15, sure is a multi-talented singer/songwriter who’s a force to be reckoned with and you can make up for the fact that you haven’t heard her music before (if applicable of course) by checking out the brand new music video for the catchy, folk-infused and uplifting track “Mountains” below!