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Milk Teeth Release New Track, Announce New EP


Milk Teeth have recently released a brand new EP “Be Nice” but are already gearing up for their upcoming release (as they announced they’d do). 

The band released a brand new track with the cutest music video alongside the details for the upcoming EP. Milk Teeth will release their new EP “Go Away” on the 17th of November.
About the upcoming EP, Milk Teeth shared the following via their Facebook page:

“‘Go Away’ is the second half of the tracks we put together for the BeNice and Go Away series of EP releases. ‘Go Away’ is faster, more frantic and much more tongue in cheek lyrically. The songs are reflective but with a fun spin on the subject matter. ‘Big Sky’ indulges our love of big riffs and takes things back to our original inspirations as a band that helped form our early releases. ‘Go Away’ is a representation of everything the band can do now and the broad spectrum of influences we put to use during the writing process.”

The first track off of this EP has been released and carries the title “Nearby Catfight”.
The new track is accompanied with a music video filled with, you guessed it, cats.

Check it out below and get ready for Milk Teeth’s new EP!

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Glenn van den Bosch