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Alex Gaskarth Discusses Direction Of New Album, Shares All Time Low Will Return To “Upbeat” Roots


In a new interview with NME, All Time Low vocalist Alex Gaskarth shares that the band will see a return to their upbeat roots on the upcoming record. 

The band recently shared they will be taking a break, but this break came to an early stop when Gaskarth shared to have been in the studio with the band working on new music.

In the interview with NME, Gaskarth shared the following about the direction of the newly written music:

Some of my favorite songs that we’ve ever written are on that record, but maybe what it didn’t provide was a lot of the fast pace and tempo that a lot of people are used to.

When I look back and think about it critically, there wasn’t a lot of ‘party music,’ that our band has normally been known for. That record was a little more tame and mellow, so we want to take what we learned from Last Young Renegade and maybe make it a bit more upbeat.

​We want our next record to be more energetic and indicative of the mosh pits that we came from.”

The new music is still in very early stages, and nothing is set in stone as of yet, but it surely sounds like the band have a certain direction in mind!

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Glenn van den Bosch