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You Can Now Create Your Own Festival Line-Up Based On Your Spotify Streams

Everyone is already super stoked for Spotify Wrapped, a marketing campaign that shows which artists, songs, albums and podcasts made your year with Spotify.

To bridge the time until Spotify releases it, a new website has surfaced with the purpose to create your perfect festival line-up based on the tracks you stream on the streaming platform.

You can select if you want a festival line-up based on all the streams you’ve done on your Spotify account ever, just in the last six months or just the most recent 4 weeks.

You can even name your festival!

Are you curious to see which bands are on your festival and who your headliners are? Check it out right here. 

Don’t forget to show us what your festival looks like!

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Eva van den Bosch Head Editor, Photographer
Eva van den Bosch combines concert photography with a prominent editorial role at Strife Mag.