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The Amity Affliction @ Effenaar, Eindhoven

CONCERT REVIEW: The Amity Affliction Are On Top Of Their Game During Eindhoven Show

We kicked off the year with one hell of a concert. Unfortunately, we had to miss the two first amazing bands this evening: SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Gideon, but we witnessed the greatness that is Fit For A King and The Amity Affliction.

For both artists, it’s been a while since they were last in the Netherlands, with Fit For A King‘s last visit taking place in April of 2019 as support act for Emmure. This time around. they were direct support for the Australian hardhitters The Amity Affliction.

Given it has been a while since the band played shows in Europe, these shows were fully focused on the band’s new material. In 2018, Fit For A King released their very popular album Dark Skies, but their releases after that The Path (2020) and The Hell We Create (2022) have further cemented the band’s position within the scene. The setlist, consisting of 10 songs, was entirely made up of their most recent 3 bodies of work, including the popular God Of Fire and When Everything Means Nothing. The energy Fit For A King displayed on stage worked infectious on the audience, and made us hungry for more. Lucky for us, the band revealed on stage that they will be back later this year for a headliner tour. The band had a headliner tour planned in Europe back in 2021, but we all know what happened to prevent this from happening. Check out some photos from the band’s performance below.

Fit For A King:

We were so excited to see The Amity Affliction live again. There are few bands as strong live as The Amity Affliction musically, as their music live sounds even grander than it does on the recorded versions. Breakdowns, generally led vocally by Joel Birch are amplified by screams from Ahren Stringer and the clean vocals (mostly during the choruses of the songs) sound incredible. The Amity Affliction‘s setlist knew a bit more variation, which is obviously easier to do with a bigger setlist, but the Australian metalcore formation’s throwback came in the form of Chasing Ghosts, off the album with the same name which released back in 2012.

The biggest shareholder on the setlist was the immensely popular Let The Ocean Take Me, which released back in 2014, but still holds the band’s most popular single Pittsburgh. As stated earlier, The Amity Affliction is immaculate when it comes to its musical delivery in a live setting, but this does mean the band’s interaction takes a backseat. Luckily, the band’s discography has expanded since their last visit to The Netherlands, but I do believe that if The Amity Affliction want to move on to bigger stages and festival slots, the production needs to be invested in (at least in Europe, I don’t know how their shows are in the US or Australia!).

Nevertheless, we were absolutely ecstatic for the band’s return and had a splendid night with the band’s live renditions. Check out some photos from their set right below and let us know if you are going to see this epic bill live somewhere in the coming weeks.

The Amity Affliction:

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