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Sum 41 Release New Single ‘Waiting On A Twist Of Fate’

Grammy-nominated rock group Sum 41 have just released their latest track, Waiting On A Twist Of Fate, marking a significant moment for the band as it’s part of what’s announced as their last album, Heaven :x: Hell. This release, available through Rise Records, is the second single off the album’s pop-punk-oriented “Heaven” section, showcasing a return to the band’s early pop-punk sound. With its energetic guitar riffs, dynamic drum fills, and compelling vocals, the song is a nod to the band’s roots and is designed to resonate with long-time fans.

Fans can stream Waiting On A Twist Of Fate online, offering a taste of what’s to come from Sum 41‘s final musical project.

Accompanying the single is a music video that pays tribute to the punk rock influences integral to Sum 41‘s identity. Filmed at the Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas, the video is not only a journey through the genre’s history but also features personal elements significant to the band, including a cameo from punk legend CJ Ramone. Moreover, the video offers an inside look at Green Day’s iconic tour bus, the Bookmobile, further cementing the single’s homage to punk rock heritage.

The release of Waiting On A Twist Of Fate not only serves as a reminder of Sum 41‘s enduring impact on the pop-punk landscape but also sets the stage for the band’s final album, promising a blend of nostalgia and fresh energy for fans old and new. Viewers can watch the music video and immerse themselves in the band’s tribute to the punk rock era that shaped them.

Stream the music video for Waiting On A Twist Of Fate below and get ready for the band’s last-ever album Heaven :x: Hell to release on the 29th of March. Make sure to catch the band on the road, as their upcoming tour will also be their last one.

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