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Slipknot Part Ways With Sampler And Keyboardist Craig Jones


Slipknot have since deleted the announcement post. They have however posted a photo of a new mask/person, who many fans think would be Jones’ replacement.

In a surprising announcement, Slipknot have announced the departure of sampler and keyboardist Craig Jones. The band took to social media today to share a brief statement, expressing their well wishes for Jones in his future endeavors.

Craig Jones had been an integral part of Slipknot since 1996, contributing electronic embellishments to all seven of the band’s full-length albums. His distinctive spiked gimp mask became synonymous with Slipknot‘s iconic visual aesthetic.

Throughout his tenure with Slipknot, Craig Jones maintained a reputation for staying out of the spotlight and rarely making public statements. It is unlikely that he will provide immediate commentary regarding his departure from the band.

While the specifics surrounding his departure remain undisclosed, the Slipknot community will undoubtedly remember his impact on their favourite songs and live performances.

Check out the statement below and share your thoughts with us.

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