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Poppy Releases Heavy Cover Of ‘Spit’ By Kittie

Poppy, the American singer-songwriter has released a heavy cover of Spit, the title-track from Canadian metal band Kittie‘s debut album. The cover has been well received by fans of both Poppy and Kittie, with many praising her unique take on the classic track.

To complement the cover, Poppy has also released a stunning video that perfectly captures the mood of the song.

Kittie, the band that originally wrote and recorded Spit, have also given their seal of approval to Poppy’s cover. In a comment on Instagram, they expressed their amazement with a mind-blown emoji, showing their appreciation for her interpretation of their song.

Fans of both artists have also been quick to praise the cover, with many commenting on how well Poppy’s voice suits the heavy and aggressive nature of the song.

Poppy already teased the cover at the end of last month, but luckily you can now listen to it in full below!

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