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Paramore Forced To Cancel Remaining Stops On US Tour Due To Hayley Williams’ Illness

In a disappointing turn of events, Paramore fans will have to wait a bit longer to catch the band in action as they announce the cancellation of their final stops on the North American tour. Hayley Williams, the lead singer of the popular band, took to Instagram stories on August 9th to share the unfortunate news.

The tour, which had already faced setbacks earlier, including the postponement of four dates last month due to Hayley Williams‘ battle with a lung infection, had hoped to continue after the singer’s recovery. However, it seems that her health has taken a toll once again. After performing at a rescheduled show in Seattle on August 9th, Williams revealed that her lungs are not healing as quickly as expected.

“It got a little scary tonight,Williams wrote, addressing her fans on Instagram. She expressed her disappointment and concern for her fans who were eagerly awaiting the upcoming shows. Williams shared that an official statement would be released soon by the team, but she personally felt the need to inform her followers about the situation.

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“We will have the team post an official statement ASAP, but we are going to have to cancel the last 2 shows of the tour so I can get better finally,” Williams explained. She acknowledged that some fans had already gathered in Portland in anticipation of the show, and she wanted to ensure they were aware of the situation.

Now, the band account has indeed posted an official statement, also revealing that refunds will be available at the point of purchase:

Paramore’s fans, known for their dedication and passion, have expressed understanding and support for Williams‘ health needs. In her Instagram story, Williams addressed the chaos that the cancellations might have caused and extended her apologies to the fans.

“I’m so sorry for all the chaos this has caused some of you. I really tried to kick this shit. Love you all,” Williams concluded her message, emphasizing her commitment to her fans and her desire to get back on her feet as soon as possible.

The canceled shows were meant to be the grand finale of Paramore’s North American tour in support of their latest album, This Is Why. Fans who had been eagerly waiting to see the band live will have to wait for the rescheduled dates or other future opportunities to catch Paramore in action.

As fans send their well-wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to Hayley Williams, the music community comes together to support the band during this challenging time.

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