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Bring Me The Horizon @ Rock Am Ring 2023

LOOKING BACK: Our Seven Highlights At Rock Am Ring 2023

This year’s Rock Am Ring has been one for the books. The line-up was stellar and the event was jam-packed with surprise collaborations and epic productions. Looking back to an amazing weekend, we would like to highlight 7 shows that we witnessed at the Nürburgring that we consider to be the highlights of our weekend.

  1. Motionless In White:
    Motionless In White delivered an hour-long set that thrilled the audience. Their performance showcased their most recent album, Scoring The End of The World, while also including fan favourites like Eternally Yours and Reincarnate. The band’s gothic aesthetics, captivating theatrics, and elaborate costumes added to the visual feast on stage. Motionless In White‘s mastery of live performance left a indelible impact.
  2. Papa Roach:
    Papa Roach, one of the most iconic rock bands, proved why they are among the best in the business. Their setlist spanned their impressive career, including hits like Last Resort, Kill The Noise, and Born For Greatness. A surprise visit from Hollywood Undead’s Charlie Scene and Funny Man added an extra layer of excitement to their performance.
  3. Machine Gun Kelly:
    Machine Gun Kelly‘s genre-fusing set left the audience in awe. Joined on stage by Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon for the song maybe, the chemistry between the two musicians was undeniable. MGK‘s rap-rock blend reached new heights with Oliver Sykes‘ powerful vocals. The eccentric attire, impressive stage setup, and MGK‘s energetic presence made his performance truly unforgettable.
  4. Bury Tomorrow:
    Bury Tomorrow, known for their explosive music, delivered an enthralling performance. Their new album, The Seventh Sun, translated exceptionally well to the live audience. With songs like Heretic, Boltcutter, and Abandon Us, the band had the crowd moshing and jumping with enthusiasm. Bury Tomorrow‘s integration of pyrotechnics and stunning visual effects showcased their professionalism and dedication.
  5. Sum 41:
    Sum 41‘s performances are always a treat and the one at Rock Am Ring was no different. With their energetic punk rock sound and hits like Fat Lip and In Too Deep, Sum had no trouble getting the crowd going. Kicking off with Motivation, the band immediately set the tone for an hour of pure rock intensity.
  6. Silverstein:
    Silverstein‘s exceptional performance left a lasting impression. The Canadian emo-band, known for their consistent production of extraordinary albums, played a diverse setlist ranging from their first album to their most recent effort, Misery Made Me. Hits like My Heroine, Smile In Your Sleep, and a stunning cover of Linkin Park’s One Step Closer delighted the crowd. Silverstein’s charisma and comfort on stage highlighted their Canadian charm.
  7. Bring Me The Horizon:
    Closing the festival with a bang, Bring Me The Horizon elevated their live show to new heights. Embracing the look and feel of their Post Human discography, the band created a demonic atmosphere on stage. Their setlist was a carefully curated collection of their biggest hits, fan favorites, and surprising new tracks. Opening with the brand new track AmEN!, the band commanded the attention of the entire audience. Oli Sykes‘ captivating vocals effortlessly transitioned between haunting melodies and aggressive screams. The immersive spectacle, including a satanic look and terrifying mic stand, showcased Bring Me The Horizon‘s raw talent and thrilling energy.

Rock Am Ring 2023 was a festival to remember, with unforgettable performances from Motionless In White, Papa Roach, Machine Gun Kelly, Bury Tomorrow, Sum 41, Silverstein, Bring Me The Horizon and many more. Each artist brought their unique style and stage presence, leaving the audience thrilled and longing for more.

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Eva van den Bosch Head Editor, Photographer
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