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Bring Me The Horizon @ Rock Am Ring 2023

ROCK AM RING REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon Close Out RaR In Style

After taking on a slot on the mainstage a few acts before the headliner back in 2019, it was now up to Bring Me The Horizon to provide the festival’s very last show on the bill. Having a 00:00 to 1:30 slot on the second stage, everyone who still had some energy left after seeing Die Hoten Hosen on the main stage witnessed absolute glory unfold as Bring Me The Horizon took their live show to yet another new high.

Embracing the look and feel around the Post Human discography, which many fans are expecting a second part of, Bring Me The Horizon had quite the demonic feel to its stage look. With red curtains and satanic symbols, it is as if BMTH were promoting the release of the highly anticipated new video game Diablo 4 at the start of their set.

Not only fans lined up for the BMTH performance, but shortly before the band started, a handful of artists, including MGK and his band, Mod Sun and Maggie Lindemann, who performed at the festival earlier that day also made their way to the late-night special and lined up in the pit before the barrier. As the lights went out, suspense-filled the air, as the introductory video began playing. An ad from an AI representative of an at-first-looking good company with evil intentions began to lay under fire as BMTH informed the audience of its ill will under the guise of Projekt: Kingslayer. It was a theme that came back numerous times throughout the band’s performance.

Bring Me The Horizon’s setlist was a carefully curated collection of their biggest hits, fan favourites, and surprising new tracks and even opened with the brand new track AmEN!, which only came out a few days ago. From the very first note, the band seized control of the stage and commanded the attention of every single person in the audience. The raw emotion and power in Oli Sykes’ vocals were captivating, effortlessly transitioning between haunting melodies and aggressive screams.

At each BMTH show, I’m convinced ‘this is as good as it gets’, but yet Bring Me The Horizon always raise the bar for themselves. The whole church look and the new terrifying-looking mic stand, not to mention the phenomenal translation of the new songs (especially LosT & AmEN!) to a live audience of this size. Bring Me The Horizon’s show was an immersive spectacle that exceeded all expectations. If you ever have the chance to witness their live show, don’t hesitate – seize the opportunity, and prepare to be blown away by the raw talent and electrifying energy of Bring Me The Horizon.

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Glenn van den Bosch