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Linkin Park Release New Song With Chester Bennington From ‘One More Light’ Era

Linkin Park have officially released Friendly Fire, a previously unreleased track from the One More Light sessions in 2017. Thus meaning that the song features the lead vocals of the late Chester Bennington, offering fans a new piece of his enduring legacy.

The anticipation for Friendly Fire began to build earlier this week when Linkin Park‘s social media profiles, YouTube channel, and Spotify tracks were all subtly updated with a mysterious green hue, sparking speculation among fans. The excitement reached its high with the release of a 30-second preview.

Linkin Park have not only graced their fans with this new song but also announced an upcoming singles compilation titled Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000–2023), set to release on April 12th. This compilation promises to be a comprehensive look at the band’s illustrious career, spanning over two decades of music.

Reflecting on Friendly Fire, Mike Shinoda shared in 2020 that it was one of the songs considered during the One More Light album sessions. Despite not making the original album cut, its release as part of this compilation underlines the band’s desire to share more of their music and Bennington‘s voice with the world.

The release of Friendly Fire and the announcement of the Papercuts compilation follow a year of significant activity for Linkin Park, including the celebration of their influential second album, Meteora, with an anniversary reissue. This release included Lost, another previously unreleased track, showcasing the band’s commitment to exploring their archives and sharing unreleased material with their fans.

The Papercuts album will feature a collection of 20 tracks that have defined Linkin Park‘s career, including classics like In the End, Numb, and Crawling, alongside the newly released Friendly Fire.

Check out the entire setlist here:

1. “Crawling”
2. “Faint”
3. “Numb/Encore”
4. “Papercut”
5. “Breaking the Habit”
6. “In the End”
7. “Bleed It Out”
8. “Somewhere I Belong”
9. “Waiting for the End”
10. “Castle of Glass”
11. “One More Light”
12. “Burn It Down”
13. “What I’ve Done”
14. “QWERTY”
15. “One Step Closer”
16. “New Divide”
17. “Leave Out All the Rest”
18. “Lost”
19. “Numb”
20. “Friendly Fire”

Check out the new song, Friendly Fire, and its accompanying music video below and let us know what you think of it!

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