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Linkin Park Surprise Fans With New Teaser From The ‘One More Light’ Era

In an unexpected move that has thrilled fans worldwide, Linkin Park released a teaser for a previously unheard track titled Friendly Fire on Monday, February 19th. This 30-second clip unearthed from the band’s One More Light sessions in 2017. It offers a rare glimpse into what could have been a part of their seventh studio album.

The teaser made its appearance as the final slide in a 10-image carousel post on Instagram. It was intriguingly marked as a “new, unreleased from the One More Light 2017 sessions.” The snippet concludes with the enigmatic number “04,” leaving fans speculating about its significance. Further fueling the excitement, the band also shared the teaser on X (formerly known as Twitter). They explicitly tagged it as “20 ‘Friendly Fire'” and accompanied it with the hashtag #FriendlyFireLP.

What makes Friendly Fire particularly moving is the inclusion of vocals by the late Chester Bennington, the band’s iconic frontman whose untimely passing in 2017 left a void in the music world. Despite being completed and mixed back in 2017, as shared in 2020, Friendly Fire did not make it onto the final tracklist of One More Light.

The lead-up to this surprise drop saw Linkin Park engaging fans with cryptic posts on Instagram. They used images of their past releases and song lyrics highlighted in a vibrant green. This color theme has carried over to their Spotify and some YouTube visuals, as fans on Reddit have noted. Even the band’s profile pictures across various platforms use this green framing, sparking widespread speculation about the band’s plans.

Linkin Park’s Ongoing Connection with Fans

Despite the absence of live performances by the surviving members of Linkin Park since a tribute concert for Bennington in October 2017, the band has remained active. In 2023, they celebrated the anniversary of their second album, Meteora, with a special reissue that included previously unreleased tracks. This followed the 2020 release of a 20th-anniversary edition of their groundbreaking debut album, Hybrid Theory, which featured a wealth of bonus content, including unheard demos.

Future Endeavors: Speculation and Expectations

However, Mike Shinoda, a founding member of Linkin Park, had tempered expectations in 2022, stating that the band was not actively working on new music, albums, or tours. He emphasized the importance of managing fan expectations to avoid disappointment, despite the band’s continued contact.

As to what this teaser and the mysterious green-themed visuals signify for the future of Linkin Park remains to be seen, but for now, fans can be excited for new music from one of the most influential bands of the 21st century.

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