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Boston Manor Release New Single & Video ‘Desperate Pleasures’

Boston Manor have released a new single prior to the release of the band’s upcoming EP Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures which will release this friday (October 29th) via Sharptone Records.

Talking about the new single, vocalist Henry Cox has the following to say:
“It’s a song about generational change, I think the pandemic brought out some good in people but it also brought out a lot of nastiness. I saw a lot of appalling behaviour over the last 18 months & it made me feel quite depressed. As soon as people are placed under difficult circumstances they should come together, not start lashing out & taking everything for themselves. I guess this song is me hoping that things will get better.”

The record was created when the band just came out of lockdown. Cox shared:

“We made this record just coming out of lockdown. We’d tried to write throughout 2020 but nothing was coming out; everyone’s mental health was suffering – it was just a really frustrating time. And then, as soon as January this year hit, just like that all these songs started flooding out of us. It was a really great opportunity to exorcise all of the frustration & pent up emotion of the previous year & really process those thoughts and feelings. It felt so refreshing doing an EP, with no expectations placed on us, we just went into a small studio in London & made really fun songs all throughout the year. It was such an enjoyable time, we hadn’t seen each other for 18 months & we’re used to spending nearly every day together. We really just fell back in love with being in a band.”

Check out the music video for the new single below and make sure to catch the band on tour supporting Neck Deep in early 2022!

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Glenn van den Bosch