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Bad Omens Frontman Noah Sebastian Reveals New Album Plans

Noah Sebastian, Bad Omens frontman, shared insights into the band’s future projects in an exclusive interview for the 2023 Rock Sound Awards Issue, where the band clinched the Best International Artist title.

Sebastian disclosed that work is underway for the Deluxe Edition of their latest album, The Death Of Peace Of Mind, focusing on their signature dark, industrial, and electronic sound. However, he teased a major shift for their fourth album, expressing a desire to reinvent the band’s style.

“We want to do new stuff. And most of our fans want new stuff. It’s already taking shape in a really cool way.” While acknowledging the time constraints due to their busy touring schedule, he assured fans that the creative process is in full swing.

For a deeper dive into Bad Omens‘ journey and future plans, the full interview with Noah Sebastian is available in the Rock Sound Awards Issue, offering fans an exclusive look into the band’s evolving musical landscape.

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