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The 1975 @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: The 1975 Give Theatrical Storytelling Masterclass In Amsterdam

The 1975‘s concert at Amsterdam’s AFAS Live last night was a masterclass in how to blend concert dynamics with theatrical storytelling. The stage looked like a living room, making for a cozy, home-like atmosphere. The band members came on stage one by one, each turning on a few lamps, making it feel like they were coming home. This setup, along with car headlights and the sound of a car locking, added a unique touch to the show.

There were a total of eight musicians on stage, making the performance feel big yet intimate. The way the band members were introduced, mimicking the style of TV show opening credits, was a creative touch that underscored the evening’s theme of blending different media and performance styles. Throughout the night, lights and TVs flickered along with the music, adding to the lively atmosphere.

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One of the memorable moments was when frontman Matty Healy and Polly Money, who is currently playing guitar and vocals on tour with the band, pretended to cook together on stage, blurring the lines between a concert and a play. The TVs showed news clips, all of which made the concert feel like a peek into a day in the life of The 1975.

Polly Money‘s vocals during the bridge of A Change of Heart were spectacular, with pink and green lights that changed during the song, adding to the emotional impact of the song. Matty Healy smoking and drinking on stage, despite the venue’s no smoking policy, showed the band’s rebellious side.

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The audience was fully engaged, especially when they loudly sang back “Stay stay stay” during Robbers. The creative use of lighting, such as the beams shining through windows, along with the symbolic opening of a door onstage, further enriched the storytelling, making the concert feel even more like a story being told.

The concert was split into parts, starting with the Being Funny In A Foreign Language. About halfway through the concert, at the end of When We Are Together, the band starts walking off stage, leaving Matty alone. He turns his focus to the TV screens which are showing news stories about him introducing a darker, more introspective tone. He climbs inside a screen, leading into “Matty’s Nightmare“.

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The concert moved into its more upbeat phase with songs such as If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know), TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME, Heart Out, It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You), The Sound and Chocolate. Even slower songs like Somebody Else were transformed by the full musical ensemble into explosive performances. The saxophonist, John Waugh, was especially popular, showing off his skills and getting lots of love from the crowd.

The concert ended with Give Yourself A Try, turning into a massive dance party for everyone there.

The 1975‘s show in Amsterdam was more than just music; it was a full experience that brought the audience and band together in a special way.

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