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Rammstein @ Goffertpark, Nijmegen

CONCERT REVIEW: Rain or Shine, Rammstein Deliver An Unforgettable Live Experience

Approximately a year after witnessing our first-ever Rammstein show in the Stadspark in Groningen, this year, the band played two shows in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen. Unfortunately, unlike last year, the weather was far worse, with a lot of rain throughout the day turning the grounds into a mud pool. Despite the bad weather, tens of thousands of fans came out to witness the Rammstein spectacle. Even though we had seen it only once before, the show felt familiar as the set-up remained largely, or completely rather, unchanged from the previous year.

When comparing Rammstein to other bands, it becomes clear that their live show has reached a pinnacle within their genre. Unlike newer bands whose shows evolve over time, Rammstein’s performance has a sense of finality, as if they have perfected the art of the live show. This may be attributed to their extensive experience and age, which have honed their performance to near perfection.

Our research into Rammstein’s set-up revealed that it takes over 80 trucks to transport their stage equipment. This impressive logistical feat is further highlighted by the staggering cost of the stage set-up, which reportedly amounts to six million dollars. The show is a sensory overload, featuring an endless stream of special effects, pyrotechnics on the pillars, and even on the band members’ instruments. For the final songs, frontman Till Lindemann dons a device on his back that spews flames, a signature move that never fails to thrill the audience. The encore sees Lindemann emerging from the stage, flames shooting from his back, creating a spectacle that, while familiar, never disappoints. Fireworks, lasers, CO2 cannons—Rammstein truly brings everything to the table. The intricate setup takes days to assemble, underscoring the immense effort that goes into each performance.

Beyond the impressive visual spectacle, Rammstein’s live performances are distinguished by their remarkable sound quality and meticulous precision. The band’s distinctive vocal style, deeply rooted in their German heritage, infuses their music with a unique and captivating flavor. Lead singer Till Lindemann’s deep, resonant voice exudes a formidable sense of power and authority, which enhances the immersive experience for the audience, enveloping them in the band’s raw, intense energy. The setlist features an array of hits that traverse their entire musical journey—including fan favourites like Du Hast, Deutschland, Sonne, and Engel. A few songs before the encore, Rammstein took to the B-stage halfway across the field to perform a beautiful piano-infused rendition of Engel. When it was time to get back to the mainstage, the band members took a boat through the crowd, giving the fans in the feuerzone some unique crowd engagement.

Last year, I suggested that the predictability of Rammstein’s shows might become dull for those who have seen many of their performances. However, after witnessing the show for a second time, I realize I may have been wrong. The familiarity of the performance seems inevitable given the immense planning, time, and money involved. When considering all the factors, it becomes clear that Rammstein’s live show is perhaps the best nu-metal experience money can buy in terms of production value. Rammstein’s live shows are iconic, and for good reason—they have mastered the art of live performances, creating an unforgettable experience for fans.

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Glenn van den Bosch