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Rammstein @ Stadspark, Groningen

CONCERT REVIEW: Rammstein Are Phenomenal In Front Of 55.000 Fans In Groningen

It’s been a busy week for Rammstein and all parties involved with the two massive Groningen shows. The media has been a whirlwind since the allegations surrounding Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann surfaced, and a local environmentalist group piled on, accusing the band’s performance of causing excessive noise pollution and their usage of pyro-technics harm to the environment. Both these procedures took place the same week as the event, with the judge’s ruling on the noise pollution, giving the green light for the concert to take place, coming a literal hour before Groningen Stadspark opened the gates for the early fans.

Rammstein, the iconic German industrial metal band, has long been renowned for their explosive and theatrical live shows. Their unyielding commitment to delivering a jaw-dropping experience has garnered them a global reputation as masters of stagecraft and special effects. Last night, we witnessed the contested Rammstein show in Groningen alongside 55.000 fans, exploring their mesmerizing special effects and ingenious gimmicks that left the audience in awe.

Personally, we have never been to a Rammstein show before, but having seen footage for years on social media, it sure does look like Rammstein’s set and gimmicks have been the same for years now. While this might be repetitive for the fans who attend every year, for us it was a first, and thus it is needless to say that we were blown away by the sheer spectacle of it all. The set is an industrial marvel, resembling a dystopian landscape fused with a twisted carnival. Towering structures adorned with towering flames, metal grates, and mechanical contraptions create an atmosphere of raw energy and aggression.

As the band takes the stage, the audience is instantly captivated by the visual spectacle. Rammstein’s pyrotechnics are legendary and for good reason. From towering infernos to intricate firework displays, every explosion is perfectly choreographed to enhance the music and evoke a primal reaction. Sheets of flame jetting skywards, pillars of fire surrounding the band members, and flamethrowers strapped to their bodies—all these elements come together to create an intense and scorching atmosphere.

The many visual elements in Rammstein’s live performances showcase their mastery over stagecraft and transport the audience into a realm of darkness. From setting a steel cradle on fire to vocalist Till Lindemann tending to a big cauldron, ending up ablaze from which later one of the musicians erupts, every aspect of their performance is meticulously planned and executed. Another highlight for us was the start of the 2nd encore, where Rammstein played the self-titled track Rammstein. Frontman Till Lindemann emerged from the stage wearing a device on his back spewing flames on numerous occasions throughout the song, something you will be able to see in the gallery below. These theatrical elements not only add to the overall experience of a Rammstein concert but have played a substantial role in the band’s iconic image.

Beyond the visual grandeur, Rammstein’s live performance boasts exceptional sound quality and precision. The band’s vocal style, characteristic of their German origins, adds a unique flavour to their music. The deep and powerful vocals of lead singer Till Lindemann resonate with a sense of strength and authority, further immersing the audience in the band’s raw and intense energy. With a star-studded setlist that spans their entire discography, of course including the massive hits Du Hast, Deutschland, Sonne and Engel, Rammstein delivers each song with an accompanying spectacle and excellent musicianship.

I can imagine being a fan and seeing the same show throughout the years can become a bit predictable, but even then, seeing this on an annual basis does not sound too bad. Rammstein’s live performances are legendary and for good reason. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend their explosive sound with innovative and jaw-dropping stagecraft elevates their live shows to the realm of pure spectacle. Get a glimpse of what the show looked like by checking out the photo gallery below.

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