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Enter Shikari @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

PHOTO REVIEW: Enter Shikari Light Up Amsterdam With Musical Fusion And Energy

Enter Shikari rocked AFAS Live with their unique mix of music styles, thrilling fans old and new. The concert, featuring support from Blackout Problems and Fever 333, showcased the band’s evolution from their early days to now filling large venues. Despite the venue not being sold out, the energy from the crowd was immense.

Frontman Rou Reynolds led an unforgettable show, blending electronic music with hardcore elements in a way that only Enter Shikari can. The performance was a mix of visual effects and great music, proving why the band has such a dedicated following. It was a night that highlighted the band’s journey and their ability to keep fans coming back for more.

If you want a glimpse of what the night was like, check out the photos we took below:

Blackout Problems

Fever 333

Enter Shikari

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