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Papa Roach @ Jera On Air 2023

JERA ON AIR: Sunshine And Highlights On Day Two

After a tumultuous first day, Jera On Air opened its gates again for a second day with more sun, more bands and similar good vibes. Join us as we embark on a journey to relive the highs, the mosh pits, and the melodic fervour of the ecstatic second day.


After fighting a losing battle with traffic, we, unfortunately, missed a few acts on the docket but made it just in time to see Stray From The Path take the stage. Stray From The Path‘s energy is undoubtedly infectious, and set the tone for the rest of the set with opener Needful Things, showcasing their explosive mix of hardcore punk and metal. Stray From The Path‘s setlist was a relentless barrage of politically charged anthems, calling out societal injustices and challenging the status quo. Songs like Goodnight Alt-Right and First World Problem Child showcased the band’s unyielding commitment to social commentary, with lyrics that hit hard and resonated with a generation yearning for change. For those sad that they have missed the set from Stray From The Path on Dutch soil or want to witness it again, the band have announced a brand new show later this year in Melkweg.

FEVER 333:

Next up were a band we have seen quite a few times throughout the years and even saw a few weeks ago at Rock Am Ring: FEVER 333. FEVER 333, known for their high-energy performances and powerful socio-political messages, did not disappoint. Their set was a whirlwind of electrifying energy, as lead singer Jason Aalon Butler commanded the stage with his charismatic presence. Armed with a new band to better align with frontman Jason Aalon Butler‘s creative vision, FEVER 333 have newfound energy and a new, custom-made stage that looks incredible. Butler‘s dynamic vocals, combined with the band’s infectious blend of punk rock, hip-hop, and hardcore, created an atmosphere of pure adrenaline that would last throughout the entirety of their set. Get a glimpse of what the show looked like in the gallery below.


As FEVER 333‘s set came to a close, it was time for us to move to the Vulture stage to witness one of the most explosively-rising bands we have witnessed in the scene in recent years: Sleep Token. With their signature look and unknown identities, Sleep Token continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of atmospheric rock and metal. Their performance at the festival was nothing short of mesmerizing, as they took the audience on a musical journey through ethereal melodies and heavy riffs while looking enigmatic and mysterious on stage. Sleep Token‘s set featured powerful vocals and haunting instrumentals, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that left the audience in awe. This band is rising quickly and are gaining a dedicated following, evident by the sheer amount of merch that the band slung on a day as today. The merch guy had to close up the booth for a bit to grab more t-shirts from the backstage area due to the phenomenal demand. We are ecstatic to have been able to capture the band’s performance through the lens, which you can check out below.


As the night progressed and the temperature became quite pleasant, Hollywood Undead were next up on the mainstage docket. Hollywood Undead, known for their unique blend of rap rock and alternative metal, brought a high-energy performance that had the crowd on their feet and singing along. Their setlist consisted of popular party songs ranging from old to new, as well as more serious songs including Another Way Out and Hear Me Now. The band’s live show is one of a kind in our scene. The members don’t take themselves too seriously, drinking on stage and genuinely looking like they are having a good time, and yet deliver an absolute powerhouse performance. A few songs in, Hollywood Undead welcomed a fan on stage to play the guitar for them during Comin’ In Hot, taking their engagement to the next level. Hollywood Undead are a fun band to watch and their live performances are a testament to their ability to engage and entertain a crowd and we have also learned today that the band’s popular song Bullet has a fandom on its own. What a mindblowing, ecstatic response from the crowd did that evoke! Check some shots from their performance below.


For us, the night came to a close with an epic headliner set from the one and only Papa Roach. The band’s been around the block, and even with the popularity from way back when with Last Resort, Scars and Between Angels and Insects, Papa Roach have consistently released impactful music that resonates with fans, young and old. As a result, the Eagle tent was packed beyond its capacity and the festivalgoers were ecstatic to witness the iconic Papa Roach on stage. Kicking off their set with the powerful Kill The Nose, the pyro-filled tone was set for the evening. High-energy, anthemic songs filled the air as Papa Roach delivered hit after hit, igniting nostalgia in long-time fans and garnering new ones with their impressive stage presence. If I were to have one piece of criticism, it would be the ‘many’ covers that the band performed. Several covers were played throughout the 1-hour set, which, although enjoyable, took away from the opportunity to hear more of Papa Roach‘s original material. Halfway through the set, Papa Roach welcomed members from Hollywood Undead on stage to perform the Swerve version they released together.

As the set approached its close, it was time for the most popular song the band ever released to date. Last Resort was the embodiment of Papa Roach‘s enduring legacy—a song that has transcended generations and become a cornerstone of their discography. Jacoby Shaddix, the charismatic frontman, commanded the stage with an irresistible magnetism, pouring his heart and soul into every lyric. The crowd, an amalgamation of dedicated fans and newfound enthusiasts, sang every word back and even FEVER 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler made an appearance on stage during the last song of the night.

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Glenn van den Bosch