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Parkway Drive @ Jera On Air 2023

JERA ON AIR: Heavy Line-Up & Rainfall During Epic First Day

Jera On Air has expanded this year, with the first of the 3 days being promoted from a pre-party of sorts to a full-blown festival evening with an insane and heavy-oriented line-up including Lorna Shore, Chelsea Grin and Parkway Drive. Even a forecast of heavy rainfall could not stop the thousands of fans from having an epic first night at JOA 2023.

We are ecstatic to be at Jera On Air again this year to witness proceedings, and our festival experience started with a band that’s been on our bucket list to see live for a long while now: Code Orange.


Code Orange‘s set at Jera On Air was an intense and chaotic experience. Their unique blend of hardcore punk, industrial, and metal created a sonic assault that pushed the boundaries of the genre. The band’s raw energy and aggression were palpable, with relentless guitar riffs, pounding drums, and anguished vocals. Code Orange’s performance was accompanied by a visually striking stage presence, featuring dynamic lighting and a frenetic atmosphere. The crowd responded with a mixture of headbanging, moshing, and awe, fully immersing themselves in the band’s sonic assault. Code Orange’s set was an uncompromising display of their experimental and abrasive sound. Code Orange perform like no other and you can check out what the set looked like below.


As the rain morphed the festival grounds into a massive pool of mud, the main stage was packed beyond the tent to witness the greatness that is Lorna Shore. The band have been riding a wave ever since the release of To The Hellfire, followed by the very-well received album Pain Remains and are now playing for massive audiences all across the world. Jera On Air marks the band’s second appearance in the Netherlands since the line-up change, with a third appearance revealed earlier today: the band will be playing at The Rock Circus in November. Lorna Shore left an impression on the rained-down crowd. Their unique blend of deathcore and black metal elements created a dark and haunting atmosphere. The band’s relentless onslaught of heavy riffs and the inhuman vocals of Will Ramos resonated with the crowd. With a setlist consisting of the band’s most popular songs from the EP …And I Return To Nothingness and the aforementioned Pain Remains, Lorna Shore got the crowd going to a bizarre extent. Lorna Shore are something special and we cannot wait to see them again later this year.


The Amity Affliction brought their emotionally charged brand of metalcore to Jera On Air, delivering a set that struck a chord with the crowd. With a perfect blend of melodic hooks and aggressive breakdowns, their performance was both cathartic and energetic. Lead vocalist Joel Birch poured his heart into every lyric, connecting with the audience on a deeply personal level. The band’s anthemic choruses had the crowd singing along, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie. The Amity Affliction’s set was an emotional rollercoaster that left a lasting impact and good news: The Amity Affliction have just announced their return to The Netherlands. The band will be playing a show in Melkweg on the 9th of December.



Where in previous years the Thursday of Jera On Air was more of a ‘pre-party’, this year it was a full-blown festival day with an absolute killer line-up including the almighty Parkway Drive as headliner. The Australian metalcore giants delivered an unforgettable experience that left the audience in awe. As we have come to expect from the band, Parkway brought along a truckload of effects. Pyro, fireworks, and loud bangs made for spectacular visuals, as the Eagle tent (mainstage) turned into a whirling pit with many fans taking to the sky on the hands of the crowd.

Throughout the set, Parkway Drive expertly integrated their new material with their classic hits, creating a perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. Songs like the emotional title track Darker Still and Soul Bleach showcased the band’s growth and maturity, while anthems like Carrion and of course, the iconic Wild Eyes took the crowd on a trip down memory lane, reminding us why Parkway Drive have become an unstoppable force in the metal scene.

Parkway Drive’s headlining set was an absolute triumph, a sonic and visual spectacle that showcased their evolution as musicians while paying homage to their roots. With their explosive pyro, mesmerizing fireworks, stunning lighting design, and impeccable blend of old and new songs, the band solidified their status as one of the most formidable forces in modern metal, as they have for years now. Check out some shots from their performance below.

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Glenn van den Bosch