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Nova Twins @ Lowlands

LIVE REVIEW: Nova Twins Show Alt Music Is In Great Hands During Epic Lowlands Set

The alternative music scene is in great hands as long as Nova Twins are in it. The duo are rising in popularity quickly and their Lowlands set proved just that. While playing a very small stage on the festival, the tent was beyond packed, with many attendees trying to get a glimpse from the outside.

Armed with their brand new album Supernova, Nova Twins played an incredible show, with a lot of crowd interaction, which included the duo jumping in the pit. With songs from the new album that have already broken a million streams such as Antagonist and Cleopatra, Nova Twins showcases a variety of sounds and genres in the best way possible.

Their set sounded great, but looked just as great. Check out some photos from their set below.

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Glenn van den Bosch