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Interview: What Can We Expect From New Album ‘Supernova’ More With Nova Twins

We had the pleasure to sit down with both members of the groundbreaking band Nova Twins. Georgia South and Amy Love discussed all things Supernova with us, the highly anticipated new album that will (finally) return on the 17th of June. Besides the new album, we discussed their clothing-making, collaborations and their recent tour with Yungblud. Check it out!

First and foremost, how are you guys doing today?
Amy: We’re marvellous! We’re in Amsterdam for the first time. Georgia: We have always been excited about coming to Amsterdam, cause we always heard it was the best city so we were ready to explore!

How has the tour been so far?
Amy: Oh my god, it’s been the best tour, his (Yungblud) audience is so up for seeing new music, every night there’s cheering and jumping and getting evolved. Sometimes with the support act, people don’t know what to expect and you have to win them over, but I feel like the Yungblud audience, they are welcome from the get-go. It’s really nice.
Georgia: So far, we have gotten lucky with the tours that we have been on. There’s always been a really good match, but this one is exceptional.

Congratulations on the new album that’s coming out, Supernova. There is a bunch of stuff going on on the cover. Can you elaborate on how that came to be?
|Georgia: We named the album after the album cover was done and the album was written, naming it was the last thing that we were stuck on. But we wanted to create a world, a planet that was other-worldly.
Amy: We wanted to create our own bubble and if there was a bubble, it would look like that. Taking you out of the shit and chaos of everyday life and trying to put something else around it and exist in that fantasy land. It is. areal place, but just in our heads, haha.
Georgia: The armour on us is to symbolize the strength that we get from that world.

Did you create the world first or the songs first?
Both: Songs came first!
Amy: All the artwork and the name came after the songs. We were just writing what we were feeling and making music throughout the lockdown. And then we wanted to see, what did it look like? What did it sound like as a body of work? What colour was it? So we couldn’t think of it first, it had to come after.

It’s been a crazy period of time, but what was the most memorable and positive experience of creating the record?
Amy: The triumph we felt in a time where we were doing nothing and it was chaos, that when we wrote these songs and we got to the end of it, we were just so happy about what we were creating and what we loved and it just gave us a new lease of life. Throughout the lockdown, it was great sending ideas back and forth, but the first song we write when we got out of lockdown and wrote in the same room was Antagonist, and we just had so much fun with our boards out and jamming. The jam at the end of that song is what we just wrote there and we wanted to leave it in because it was just us having fun after such a turbulent time. So that’s a really good memory.
Georgia: Passing the ideas throughout lockdown, it was like our own little world. Like how pigeons send notes across, haha.

Do you feel like you had more time for this record?
Georgia: With the first one, no one knew it was coming so we could just write. But with this one, we also got lucky with time.

We saw that you sew your own clothes for shows and have your own brand, how is that going?
Amy: Everyone talks about our brand, but it does not really exist yet. We haven’t sold anything lately because it’s more about the clothes that we are wearing in our music videos and during shows. We have been so busy with that, that we haven’t had a chance to launch it yet, but we will!

Is there something that you’re hoping to achieve on this cycle, that you haven’t been able to before?
Georgia: Just to continue spreading the message that you can be totally yourself and you are included in this scene whatever you look like or who you love. We’re starting to see our crowds on tours and it just amazing to see how diverse it is. So if this album has a wider reach, we love to just keep growing our community.
Amy: We’ve got this song Choose Your Fighter on the upcoming record and it is a dream of us to get it in a game. It is such a game song and it would be so much fun.

Any specific game in mind?
Georgia: Call Of Duty, Tekken, any fighting game.
Amy: Or, if not a game, then an action movie!

Do you have a personal favourite on the record, and why?
Amy: That’s so hard because a lot of them are so different. But if I could pick two, at the moment because of my mood, it would be A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful and Fire & Ice. I love playing them and it makes me feel good.
Georgia: For me as well, and I have been loving Choose Your Fighter lately. We snuck it into our set this tour and it was fun! So we can’t wait for that to come out.

What was it like working with Bring Me The Horizon?
Amy: It was great! It was in lockdown, so we didn’t work in the studio. Oli (Sykes) DM’ed us on Instagram and we loved it. We recorded it in a home studio and that was it. Then we went on tour and we played it every night, live, to an arena full of thousands of people.
Georgia: The tour was the first time we met them in person. We face-timed with Oli, but meeting them and doing the shows, it was crazy. They are so lovely.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their career as a musician?
Amy: Don’t take any shortcuts. In the end, it won’t benefit you in terms of your growth, Play all the crap shows and don’t feel like you have to do it in a small amount of time. There is no rush, just take your time and enjoy what you do. Give yourself time to work out what it is you want to do. You can’t build up self-confidence if you don’t what it is that you’re putting out there. So make sure it is always your vision.
Georgia: Don’t try and be somebody else. It’s easy to copy someone, but try and scrap that and think about what your sound is and what you can bring different into the world.